Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ridiculous "Damage Claim"

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Nov 30, 2019
Damage information related to claim # 15xxxxxx with ENTERPRISE


I dropped the truck off at Enterprise in Little Elm on 11/25/2019 around noon. The employee went out to the truck to check gas and car condition. He said everything was fine, and I left for the airport with Uber. Another employee there saw the car as well and said it was good.

I have a picture of the car that does not show a crack in the windshield. There was no damage to the truck when I dropped it off. I know this because I would freak out, or have an anxiety attack if something happened to a car I rented. And I am honest to a fault.

I did not hear about the damage your company claims I did until this email two days after I dropped the car off.

The man at the Enterprise store I dropped the car off said there was a one foot crack under the right visor. I did not see this. He did not mention this when he checked the truck at check out on 11/262020.

I have the mileage of the car when I dropped it off. I want a mileage of the car now to compare to the mileage written down when I turned the car in. I suspect someone who works for your company is trying to cover up damage done after I dropped it off.

The agent I spoke to yesterday, said the miles were 14589. He would not send pictures of the damage. They said they videoed me driving in the parking lot, and that the crack showed. I’m confused he said the car was fine at return, but I get a damage report the three days later.

The young man I called on 11/29/2019 refused to give me any information. He told me I had to call the Enterprise I rented from in Little Elm. They were not there when I called. I thought I was going to the correct Enterprise, but maps took me to this place. The agent there said it was OK to turn it in there.

Every time I’ve turned a car in, the agent inspects the car, then gives me a receipt. This is what the agent did, and another agent there said the truck was fine when I turned it in. In light of the above, I wish to request:

Your copy of the original agreement and the receipt given to me when I returned the car. I will then compare my copy to your copies to make sure they are identical.

- Time stamped and dated pictures and video of the damage

- A picture of the mileage indicator showing the mileage on the car when the damage was noted. I’ll
compare it to the mileage when I turned the car in because I believe it was driven after I turned it in.

- A copy of the incident report

- If the car was repaired, a copy of the receipt showing the car was repaired and the cost that was paid for the repair.

- A copy of the license plate number on the car to ensure it is the car you rented.

-An answer as to why the truck has not been repaired since I turned it in on 11/25/2019.

I’m a very honest person to a fault. If I had seen a crack I would have reported the damage.

I will await for the above for 10 days.

Susan R Hightower

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On Nov 27, 2019, at 11:38 PM, Damage Recovery Unit <[email protected]> wrote:
Please review the important documentation attached that is related to damage claim #.

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Dec 27, 2014
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