Enterprise is charging me for "hidden" damages.

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Dec 28, 2016
Hello there.

I'm reaching out to you today because I was doing research and came across my EXACT situation posted on here from Jan 2014.

Earlier this month I rented a vehicle from Enterprise. Before I left, the associate and I looked over the car and agreed it was fine. I had the car for 3 days while my car was being fixed (drunk driver hit my parked car in a parking lot). I returned the car with my fiancé, who happens to also work for Enterprise, and we both agreed it was in the same condition as I got it in.

A few hours after my car was marked okay and my ticket was closed, I got a call from the manager saying there was damage to the underside of the car that I could possible be responsible for. He assured me he would do all he can to take care of it, told me he would try to put it under maintainence, and told me he didn't think anything would come of it because he didn't believe I did anything.

Well something came of it because I got a letter in the mail yesterday stating I need to contact my insurance or credit card company to file a claim. I called the damage unit and they couldn't tell me anything about the amount of damages incurred. One, I don't want a claim on my record. I've had a completely clear record thus far and I'm keeping it that way. Two, I didn't do it! I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for damage I didn't do.

Who's to say that someone didn't drive it after me and damage the car, so now they're blaming me to get it fixed? Or whoever had it before me did the damage, but because it obviously passes the visual inspection, it didn't become noticeable until I drove it?

So I need advice. I'm scared about the amount of damages I'm facing, especially after the holidays. Normally I would just pay and forget, but I need to do something this time because I know I didn't do this. Obviously I'm not the only one they try to get with this too. Any advice would be appreciated.
Feb 9, 2016
You are asking ALL of the right questions. You'll be okay.
Firstly, review what @Neil has posted. You are going to start a letter writing campaign that is going to put Enterprise on notice that you did not cause any damage to this car and you would like to review ALL of the documentation associated with this claim, and the vehicle maintenance and repair log.

The one thing that really stands out to me is - so what is the standard operating procedure for inspecting the vehicle undercarriage? There's simply NO way they crawl under a vehicle, inspecting for damage, each time it is returned. Nope. The clean that vehicle and re rent it as quickly as they can. In this situation, the bottom line is that you need to see the record where they inspected the undercarriage of the vehicle right before you rented, and the record where they inspected the undercarriage of the vehicle right after you returned the vehicle.

They wont have that information. Without concrete evidence that you caused the issue, there's really not much they can do after that. Should they decide to sue you, they will lose. should they decide to turn you over to collections, you re going to have a long paper trail about how you attempted to rectify this situation and they couldnt provide satisfactory documentation, and then I think legal issues surrounding them turning you over to collections arise.

But it wont even get that far. Once they realize you arent going to roll over and pay up, they will push back for a bit, maybe even offer to settle for a lesser amount. You say "I didnt do the damage, send me the fleet logs and information I requested so I can review it" they will eventually dismiss the case. Be patient. One poster had to wait the process out 18 weeks.
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