Enterprise Doing the Right Thing

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May 4, 2017
Just thought I'd throw this out there to show that they are not always the bad guy... was rear-ended and car was being repaired, my insurance covered $30 a day rental, Enterprise rep said best they could do in that $ class was a Ford Fusion. (which they classify as a "full size"- but we'll save that rant for a different day). When he saw my face (not really a Ford fan) he said they could put me in a Nissan Maxima (Premium class). I said thanks, and didn't double check the paperwork (rookie mistake!!! and I know better!!!)

When I dropped it off, the person checking me out said all I was responsible for was the difference in class... now wait a second- told him what had been verbally relayed when I made the reservation, and they agreed to honor it. Didn't need to escalate the issue (or my voice), they were pretty cool about it.

Sometimes people just do the right thing... even at car rental agencies.