Enterprise claims I didn't return the car!

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Jan 29, 2019
Rented a car from Dec 20 to Dec 22 but couldn't return it until Dec 23. When I came to return it on 23rd the location was closed and they didn't have after-hours drop box. I had to leave town and was in a rush. I ended up leaving vehicle in their parking lot and hid the key in an electrical outlet behind their building. I then called them and left message on their voice mail saying I'm returning the car and explaining where the key was. Next day nobody called so I assumed they processed it and everything was OK. January 17th I saw a $1570 charge on my credit card. I called them next day, they said they never received the vehicle, the contract was still open and I was responsible for the vehicle. Also they claimed they didn't have "answering machine" so it was impossible for me to leave them voicemail, which is simply not true as their phone system has an option to leave voicemail when calling after-hours. They told me to file police report. I went to police station several times trying to file police report, but police told me Enterprise had to do it. Enterprise still hasn't filed a police report and they keep charging my credit card $53/per for for the car. They are also trying to make me liable for lost car. What should I do? I suspect Enterprise employees of that location are involved in the theft, as it wouldn't be possible to find location of the keys without listening to voicemail.
Sep 19, 2015
Where did this happen?

Could someone have watched you and taken the car? Is the rental car lot secure?

Did you take any photos of the car?

Did you alert the rental car company on the 22nd that it would be late?
Nov 27, 2017
Wow, so many things that went wrong and there are so many questions.

1. Did you let them know that you needed to return the car on the 23d?
2. When you got to the office and it was closed, why did you not call the 1-800 number to speak with someone before assuming it is okay to leave the car in a parking lot and the keys in the electric outlet.
3. Why did you not follow up to see if Enterprise received and process your rental.

There are several things that you did wrong. You assumed that it was okay to just leave the car and not follow up. If you were in a rush, would you leave your car in a parking lot and just leave a message for a friend to pick up at "sometime"? And not verify if this friend can even pick up your car? You wouldn't, so why would you treat someone else's property that way?

You need to stop blaming Enterprise and start working with them to get their help. Call them up and tell them that you need to report that their vehicle is missing or stolen. A damage report will need to be filed by Enterprise before they will report the car stolen.
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Sep 12, 2018
Yes, there are quite a few things that the OP could have done better. But we’re not talking about a library book here. It’s a car. Left in Enterprise’s parking lot. With license plates and a VIN. It’s not as if they could have failed to notice it, and unless they found the keys, they can’t move it. So either someone saw the OP drop it off and then stole it, Enterprise has it and the computer system is not up to date, or an Enterprise employee stole it. In the latter two instances, the OP shouldn’t be liable. And in the former, an insurance claim needs to be filed. What should not be happening is that the OP’s credit card is being charged for a car s/he doesn’t have.
Sep 19, 2015
Nathan Witt Ginny123 makes some valid points. Perhaps this location does not accept after hours drop off — because of security concerns. The fact that there is no drop off box would suggest that this is not an approved method for returning the car. Some city offices are closed on Sundays so it could be a long time before someone came to the office.

If the car was stolen by someone watching Enterprise would not have known about it.

And unfortunately many businesses do not listen to voice mail or the box may be dead. Or the message may be garbled. It was only on the 17th, over 3 weeks after returning the car did the OP realize that the car was not processed as returned.

This is a mess.


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Dec 11, 2014
I've never seen a rental car parking lot that doesn't have closed-circuit cameras. If OP did leave the car and hide the keys as she said, she should show up on their video of that time frame.
Sep 19, 2015
I've never seen a rental car parking lot that doesn't have closed-circuit cameras. If OP did leave the car and hide the keys as she said, she should show up on their video of that time frame.
The OP should certainly ask about a camera.

Problem is that it has been over a month now — camera may record over on a weekly basis.

Also the angle and details can be mediocre depending on camera set up and quality — especially in the dark.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I've never seen a rental car parking lot that doesn't have closed-circuit cameras. If OP did leave the car and hide the keys as she said, she should show up on their video of that time frame.
Fellow traveler, have you asked the location to check their video surveillance?

I think you need to contact Enteprise's corporate offices immediately to have them investigate and file a police report. https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/enterprise/