Enterprise charging me for damages I did not do

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Feb 1, 2018
I am currently being falsely charged for damages from enterprise. I did not cause any damages when I had the car and had the worst experience with the staff during the time of rental/after.

During my entire rental period from Enterprise no damage was done to either car (I had a van first then a car on the same rental agreement) nor was any damage brought to my attention at the time of return. When I was provided the car it was not in the best condition as evidenced by it making noise when driving, a strong odor which required me to immediately acquire air fresheners, heavily soiled seats, the oil change was over due and stains throughout the car. However, I was told that it was the only option available and was just returned minutes before I picked it up.

I have the following concerns:
• The letter received states it’s for rental agreement # 435048 but the rental agreement I was given had a different number on my rental agreement is different.

• The mileage on the duplicate receipt is not accurate. For example, the starting mileage noted on the duplicate is 40,200 and the Ending is 40,233 which is not what I drove but is the exact distance from one office to the other. The previous car I had on the same rental agreement does not have accurate mileage noted either.

• The dates on the letters and dates of the postmark are off by 1 week.

• When picking up cars from the Whiteville office, the staff would never walk around with me to note damages but instead would say it was already done.

• 12/6/2017- I had reservations for an intermediate size car. However, when I was picked and from work and taken to the rental office I was then informed that the van I was picked up in was the only option. I was told I could exchange at a different enterprise or call back tomorrow for a different car. The van was given to me without walking around with me to expect it due to stating it was already noted. When I asked for a copy of the rental agreement I was told to check my email and print it which was my first time ever renting from enterprise and leaving without documents in hand. The van was empty but Andrew did ask me to drive to the gas station next door for him to put at least a half tank of gas.

• 12/7/2017-I spoke to Andrew Harris (Whiteville, NC location) regarding returning the van (which was all he had on the 6th) from the previous day for something smaller. At 11am, He reported that he has only one car that was just returned, would be “quickly cleaned” and I could pick it up at any time. I immediately headed to the office arriving at approximately 11:18am. Upon arrival he met me with the key, opened the car, and told me I was good to go and that there was a half tank of gas. I had my rental agreement in my hand expecting to sign something, get a new rental agreement or at least check both cars. However, he did not look at the van I returned and once again did not walk with me around this car. He stated that the rental agreement remains the same so keep what I have and just left and went back inside of the building.

• 12/19/2017- The car was returned to the Shallotte, NC location, the employee walked around the car, checked tires and sat inside of the car. He did not point out any issues, told me everything was fine, released my deposit and told me there was nothing more for me due to the insurance company paying the bill. No receipt was printed or emailed to me. However, I have requested a duplicate receipt that reflects inaccurate information: The duplicate notes starting mileage as 40,200 to 40,233 which is not accurate.

• 1/2/2018- I received a letter at work which was not my home address provided at the time of rental. My work address was only given for the purpose of picking me. No one from enterprise called me regarding any issues between the time I returned the car until January 3, 2018. This letter was my first time hearing about an issue. The letter did not have any details other than “Our Damage Recovery Unit has received notification of damages or loss of the vehicle you rented.” The letter was asking to contact my insurance company but I had no details of what was going on. When I contacted the Shallotte, NC location where I returned the car, the female employee reported not having anything on file, did not know the reason and stated that if I had a letter it should have details and pictures. When I called the number on the letter I was told that when the car was taken for an oil change there was some undercarriage damage. She had no other details of what, when it happened or how. I shared my concerns and she stated an investigation would be done and I will be notified in two weeks of the outcome. I also sent an email regarding my concerns with this but never received a response.

• 1/3/2018- I received a voice message from Cedrick at The Whiteville, NC location requesting a return call. I called the office to speak to him at 3:24 pm. Andrew answered the phone, asked who I was and then gave I Cedrick the phone and he immediately started questioning me about my insurance company. He did not confirm who I was, didn’t give me his name and He did not to explain anything other than asking several insurance questions. Once I asked what is the call regarding he proceeds to accuse me of damaging a car. He did not provide details and when I asked he said that he didn’t know because the Shallotte location filed the claim and he just want my insurance information. I told him I didn’t damage anything and already spoke to staff at the Shallotte location and they did not have any details or anything noted. He responds by saying he will need to call them and then call me back. As of now, he has not called back.

• 1/16/2018- I received a letter that was dated for 1/3/2018 stating that I owe over $4000 in damages. With no proof that damages occurred while in my care.

I do believe the issues with this car is something old resulting from the car not being properly checked upon each return. I have been asking for a copy of the rental agreement

I am requesting the following be provided:
• Time-stamped photos of the undercarriage that were taken immediately before I drove the car off the lot to prove that the person prior to me getting the car did not damage it.
• Time-stamped photos of the undercarriage that was taken immediately after I returned the car.
• A record of all rentals for that car between the time I returned it and the time the letter was received in January.
• Dated documentation/time stamped pictures of undercarriage inspection prior to each rental of the car since the last oil change.
• A copy of the original rental agreement and the receipt generated after return of the car. I have requested the rental agreement four times from the local assistance manager but have not received it yet.
• A time-stamped picture of the mileage indicator showing the mileage on the car when the damage was noted
• A dated and signed copy of the damage incident report
• If the car was repaired, a copy of the receipt showing the car was repaired and the cost that was paid for the repair.
• The date and contact information of the business where the car was taken for an oil change. According to the staff in the recovery unit the damages was discovered during an oil change.