Enterprise car rental and liability insurance

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Aug 8, 2018
Earlier in July I rented a car from enterprise. I declined the coverage offered at the counter and opted to go with my own insurance, (I only carried Liability insurance), and the damage waiver offered by Visa. Enterprise held $250 on my card, as usual, and processed the rental. I did end up damaging the vehicle when I scraped a parking barrier on the last day of my trip. I went to a local Enterprise office and exchanged the car for an undamaged one before heading back to my home town. I was not charged anything at that time and the $250 hold was returned to me a couple days later. I filed the claim with Visa when I returned from my trip and they are waiting for an itemized bill from Enterprise.

About 20 days after the incident, I was finally charged for the rental and a couple days after that I received a bill for $750 deductible. My question is... do I pay the $750 deductible? Does Visa pay that? Since I only have liability insurance and there was no other vehicle involved I didn't file a claim with my own insurance and since I only have liability I don't have a deductible anyway. Where did this deductible come from and why did they not keep the $250 they held on my card. How do I get a copy of the itemized bill for repair?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You are responsible for the deductible.

Did you file a claim with Visa for the accident? Call your Visa card and ask them who pays the deductible- Visa or you? Does the Visa card offer coverage for collision?

And you can certainly ask them for an itemized bill.