"Emergency Landing, Toxic fumes"

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Mar 23, 2017
On February 17/18 2017 while flying Spirit 640 from Las Vegas to Boston, " An unscheduled maintenance" stop caused the pilot to have to make an emergency landing in Montrose Colorado.

Chris, I've Flown hundreds of times and believe me, when I say I've seen it all.

The deception & sociopath behavior/responses of the Spirit crew, was bananas to say the least.
( and I will gladly detail it for you, if need be)

As well I realize when you hit "I accept " when purchasing a ticket , you basically give up all human rights, if something goes wrong.

However the law also states the plane must be safe.

Specifically, when we were at the airport, deadly fumes were leaked into the cabin while we were sitting stalemate for over an hour.

Not until I brought it to the flight attendants attention,did they release the fumes from the cabin.

Had I had everyone's info I would've filed a lawsuit.

Moving forward, I want my flight fare returned of $520.76.


Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Start your request with Spirit's customer service. Wait a week for a reply. If you have not heard from them, write to the execs of Spirit. Write to only one at a time, waiting a week for a reply before moving to the next name on the list. You can find their email addresses in the Company Contacts tab at the top of the forum. Brief, polite and professional tends to be the most successful way to garner any compensation.
Aug 28, 2015
New York
I love your description, as it sounds exactly the way I would describe an experience, especially the sociopath part. That is definitely an annoying diversion and the airline should compensate something.

As Patina advised, it's important to leave out some of the editorial elements of your description, for the sake of faster resolution. Airline customer service is easily distracted and you have a legitimate complaint so just state it simply. Your first paragraph says it all perfectly. I would just add a sentence re: exactly what you want them to give you (i.e. Voucher, credit, etc).