Dollar Thrifty / Viking $1,700 Bogus Claim...Anxiety and My Screw Ups!

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Jan 26, 2018
I picked up a car in Portland, ME. I did not inspect the car or have any employee walk around with me. No signed paperwork. I go the keys from the counter. Walked through the building and entered the garage. Put my bags in and left. I now see the error in my ways, but I plead ignorance from never travelling.

I returned the car several days later at Boston Logan airport. When I returned it, the man taking it from me did notice damage on the rear bumper. (I have not got the pictures yet from Hertz/Viking), and I told him that was already there because no new damage happened when I had the car. He commented that he hates getting cars from Portland, ME because they always send him the beat up cars. I was starting to get very nervous at this point in the conversation because I realized I did not do any walk around inspection or sign off on any damage report when I received the car. He said he believed me and gets it. Just told me to sign the return papers he put in front of me and I would be fine.

Now that I think about it, I have no clue what I signed or if it was a damage report that he could have easily added to or modified once I signed it and left. I could have received a copy of it, but I have no memory of it. I 100% get I screwed up in several major ways in this ordeal on the front end and back end.

I have only talked to Viking on the phone and send a letter per the forum recommendations to the entry level hertz customer service. Viking said that this damage on the rear bumper was not noted prior to rental and in his opinion would have been obvious when inspecting the car to start with. I have refused to pay and disputed it with Viking so they send it back to Hertz.

No idea what to do next or if I can do anything until I get a response from Hertz customer service support. Any feedback, advice, comments are much appreciate! I will update the thread as I get more information.

EDIT: As we await the response from Hertz, my auto insurance has recommended that I file the claim to them and they can reject it to force arbitration. They say that the rental car company has no proof the damage was done during my rental since we did not do a walk around or sign off on a damage report when I picked up the car. Hopefully there is some truth to this, even though the agent herself was skeptical Hertz will do much.
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Feb 9, 2016
It is very important that you Google to find out exactly what you need to do to formally dispute the claim. And in the letter that you write to Viking formally disputing the claim you need to let them know that if they turn you over to collections they need to turn over the fact that you are disputing the claim to collections.
You will have better luck getting the claim dropped if you formally dispute it. Continue to follow the steps outlined as well.