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Does anyone know the "rules" on checking in for International Travel without bags?


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Dec 11, 2014
Thank you both. I was able to add my passport to my United profile, and got a message telling me that I would need to "verify" my passport at one of their check-in kiosks at the airport. I usually go AA or JetBlue, so United is somewhat different.
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May 30, 2019
Can I just do it on-line 24 hours ahead--and just show up at the airport 90 min ahead, go thru security and then to the gate? (I used to always check a bag but now that it costs a bunch of money--its a carryon and backpack....) thanks (I know they talk about 3 hours ahead but in this case--do I really need to do that?)(ps this is USA to London)
This varies by airline, with consideration for how busy the airport is, the airline rules, and other uncontrollable variables.

The guide rail I use for international / not checking luggage is the airline's web site + 1 hour to account for delays getting in terminal, delays getting in Security, problem with online boarding pass, etc.

Remember: If you are late and don't meet the airline's guidelines, the airline has every right to assume it's your fault. There are many threads in these forums from people who missed the airline's check-in cut-off and think their airline owes them something.

To reiterate: Be sure to read the airline's website before making any assumptions!
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Apr 6, 2017
The underlying issue here is what happens when you arent checking bags and you put in your passport into the airlines APP or website? Then how late can you get to the airport since you "already got a boarding pass". And the answer is "dont trust the app or webpage" and still get there 2-3 hours early.
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