Do others find that motel-hotel beds are often too high?

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Feb 2, 2015
Last fall we traveled by car across the country and found that the beds in several places were so high that I needed to stand on a stool or suitcase to get into the bed! I am 5' 5" and many people are shorter than I am. I confess that I am 76 and have some mild hip pain but I am in better shape than many. Is anyone else finding that many places have replaced their older beds with the new, super high varieties? Is anyone else having this problem?


This made me chuckle as the one and only time we had this issue was at the Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki. I am shorter than you and it had to jump up or have help getting onto the bed. We laugh about it, but it was not that pleasant and you couldn't lounge on the bed during the day without a lot of effort just to get on it. I have never had any issues at BW's or Hampton Inns.
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Jan 8, 2015
Don't feel bad, I am over 6' tall and found the bed at a newly remodeled basic hotel almost too high for me. Not hard to get in to, but I certainly had to climb in a certain way vs how I would normally get in bed at home. I've noticed that with the pillow top mattresses being made and used now, and the fact that the frames aren't being lowered to compensate, the beds can actually be 5" higher than they used to be.
Feb 19, 2015
Yes! Most recently, we stayed at a recently-built Staybridge Suites, and I had a heck of a time trying to crawl into bed at night. My husband and I like Hilton Garden Inns with the adjustable firmness of the beds, but they are also very high.
Dec 26, 2014
We stayed at a cute boutique hotel in Miami and had just the opposite problem. The bed was too LOW! It was hard to get out of the bed it was so low.
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