Disneyland Hotel

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Sep 11, 2018
Advice needed. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel from August 31-Sept 6. Our daughter got sick on our last day so we inquired about staying an extra night. Quoted $488 but told to check back the next day to qualify for a discount “walk in” rate. Wrong. They now quoted $500. Online the price was $80 cheaper. They finally gave me the slightly cheaper price after proving it on my phone. Then we’re told our room/tower would be without power from 12 pm-5 am. My husband asked if they would provide a discount. No. It was a hot day and without power (air conditioning) we all woke up sweating at 2 am. At 3 am a loud beeping noise from the hallway (related to the power outage) went off for 3 hours. We got zero sleep. Then to make matters worse they gave us a letter that day providing a rate of $249 to stay an extra night. Where was this $249 discount when we asked for it the night before when the power was out?!
Dec 19, 2014
You are bring up several issues:
1) Hotel rates change daily and can vary significantly based on demand. If the hotel was at 100% occupancy, they will not be offering any "walk up specials rates." Worse by staying the "extra night" you may have caused another guest to not have a room or be "walked" because the hotel was not anticipating that you were staying the extra night.
2) The fact that the following night after your departure, they were offering a special rate of $249 has no bearing on the rate the night you actually stayed. If the hotel had empty rooms, they are trying to fill those rooms, hence, the special rate.
3) Not having A/C is a legitimate complaint. However, the time to complain was at check out. Being firm but polite (you had a sick child, the room was uncomfortable), would likely garner a discount (50% for example) on the rate of the additional night.

Disney is known for exceptional customer service. I would write customer service at Disney. Keep it brief, and ask for a rate adjustment on the last night. Asking for a rate adjustment for the original stay would be unreasonable. Good luck

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You should write to them- the worst they can say is no, the best is yes.

I will tell you I had a problem years ago at Disneyworld where we were in a building during a cheerleading competition and were up all night thanks to cheerleaders being out on the lawn cheering at 2 am. We called security multiple times and they would come and no sooner did they leave, the kids were back out again.

We marched to the front desk the next morning and complained and they gave us two of the nights free and took it off our bill. That’s why you try to do it while you are still there. I would have asked again when I checked out but I think you should certainly write to them and tell them you were refused.

Rates change on a daily basis and Friday- Monday are usually the most expensive nights. What night of the week did they offer you the $249?
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Sep 11, 2018
Thanks Neil! Because my daughter was sick and we got zero sleep we didn’t have the time the next day to deal with it. We quickly packed and rushed to the airport. As we waited for our ride I tried to stand in line at the hotel but it was long. The reduced rate was offered on a Thursday. So Wednesday was when we had all the problems. The worst was listening to a very loud beeping in the hallway for 3 hours. Other guests were not happy either. It was directly related to the power outage.