DirecTV Doesn't Save Chats, You Better Though

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Nov 29, 2014
Hi All,

I just had the worst experience with DirecTV. I usually handle my issues online via chat when it comes to dealing with customer service issues like billing, equipment issues, troubleshooting/technical support, etc. Today, it seems that DirecTV doesn't save the chats and only rely on the notes the agent places on the account, therefore, making it utterly useless for the customer to have any substantial backing or credibility when it comes to dealing with issues via the chat portal online. I was informed that I had to order a Cinema Kit for my box to help me connect with my laptop. I not only found out that this box did NOT solve the issue, but that I would have to pay for it, after I was told I wouldn't be charged for it at all since the box was malfunctioning. Well, after spending 2.5 hours or more calling and emailing the Office of the President Mike White about this issue, it appears that no recollection of the actual chat that occurred between me and the agent exists. What do you mean? You mean to tell me that you all can only record the phone calls but not the chat dialogues? Well I was told by three different people that this process takes about 3-4 weeks to investigate and there is no guarantee that they can actually pull-up the chat conversation(s) that take/took place with the customer. All they have to rely on is the notes the agent places in the system when the chat is complete. Yep, you heard right, the agent can write whatever they want when it comes to servicing you. Imagine dealing with an agent who has an attitude (like most of them I've dealt with today have)? They aren't going to help your case in the notes even though the chat says something otherwise. I must admit, I should have saved the chat for my records but I guess I depend and trust solely too much in a company who I like to think upholds themselves with the highest integrity. The reps talk to you any kind of way if you haven't paid your bill, and they like to pass the buck..., no one wants to take full accountability or ownership of the issue which also causes this company to continue to fail inevitably. Once they fix the customer service matrix (people, practices, logistics, etc.) I can assure DirecTV sales will not only increase, they won't have to rely on gimmicks or referrals to help boost their customer base, they can rely on the culture of their brand which are the people (like Verizon Wireless has which is exceptional by far and the reason they are #1 in wireless) to skyrocket their revenue to the top. Hope this is a word of advice for CEO Michael White who threatened to raise cable bill prices this year. Mike, dude, it's nothing wrong with the pricing, it's the way the customers are treated and how they are handled by your people which makes it hard for you to grow revenue and causes you to raise cable prices. Try talking with Time Warner, they seem to be getting better in this arena.

Grant Ritchie

Dependable adequacy :-)
Oct 1, 2014
Hi Samario,

I'm Grant Ritchie, one of Chris' assistants.

Interesting letter. It never occurred to me that a business wouldn't save chats. They damned sure seem to be able to come up with recordings of weeks-old telephone conversations when it suits their purposes. I'm going to bring this to Chris' attention as a potential subject for a future column. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

If you're interested in trying to rattle DirecTV's cage about this matter, here's a link to our a Company Contact page for them:

Thanks again!

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Jan 6, 2015
For the future, you can take screen shots during the chat. In MS Windows, the Snipping Tool is great for this. Another thing to watch for is a check box that will email you a copy. Amazon has this ...
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Jan 6, 2015
Depending on the nature of my request, I may capture chat data and/or phone calls as backup. I never depend on the provider to have them. I also stay on the line during a call until I receive email confirmation of any changes or promises.