Demand refund of $75.

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Dec 16, 2018
I accidentally purchase award miles today 2000 for 75 dollars I want to be refunded immediately. United in its wisdom third parties this service out which angers there customers even more. I’m a platinum member and treated like a scrub.
Sep 19, 2015
How does one accidentally buy miles? One has to sign in, input a credit card number and press purchase now and click a box that says one understands the terms and conditions.

Underneath purchase now it says miles are nonrefundable.

You are not being treated like a “scrub” you are being treated like everyone else who buys something nonrefundable and then wants a refund.

You agreed to the purchase under certain conditions and now you want to change it rather than honor the commitment you made.

You may want to write a letter asking for an exception but as it is a third party United may not be able to refund the purchase.

Keep in mind that there is no requirement for a refund and that the request is asking for an exception.


Christopher Elliott

Staff Member
Aug 22, 2007
Here's the reply from @Daniel Brennan which I think he meant to post here (sent it to me as a message instead):

You are real helpful keep it up and you will be running United you Jackass! I’m done I’ve flown 1.2 million miles with them and you weren’t on the other line with the lady I dealt with who was as rude as you. I’m done with your third party crap. Know your facts before you rudely spout off to until now was a great customer. If your boss reads this I hope he kicks your ass to the curb!
Note: Read by the boss.
Sep 19, 2015
Oh my. I take it this was directed to me and sorry you received such a vitriolic attack.

I suspect the OP missed the Elliott recommendation on being polite....
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Daniel, you can use our company contacts and write to United. Your conversation sent to Chris sounds like you think we work for United. We do not and Christina is not a United employee. United doesn’t read these forums, so contact them directly.

One thing we also don’t get involved with is loyalty points.

Are there any cases you don’t mediate?

Yes. Here’s a partial list:

  • Airfares that go up after selecting a flight option (caching).
  • Airline seat comfort issues, including in-flight entertainment systems that don’t work.
  • Any case involving legal action against a company or customer.
  • Asking a company to honor an obvious price error.
  • Car rental damage cases.
  • Cases submitted on behalf of a third party.
  • Compensation for delays that resulted in lost vacation or work days.
  • Getting a refund for a nonrefundable airline ticket or hotel room.
  • Missing or expired loyalty points.
  • Recently lost or misplaced luggage.
  • Visa/passport problems that led to denied boarding.

Let’s close this thread before it gets any more hostile which is a violation of our rules for posting.
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