Days Inn by Wyndham Dover Downtown

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Apr 9, 2019
I stayed at Days Inn by Wyndham Dover Downtown on Feb 22-24. It was a horrible experience.
  • The location was unsavory and unsafe.
  • The water, when as hot as possible, was barely warm.
  • The internet was at one point painfully slow, but mostly not working at all.
  • The toilet sent water through the pipes every hour.
  • There were cracks in the wall, broken asphalt in the parking lot, mattresses pushed up against walls visible through windows, and dirty curtains which gave a feeling of being in the midst of crack alley.
I was put right next to Housekeeping, which I could hear throughout my stay, even though there were few other guests. I was completely uncomfortable at this location.
I took several pictures (I have attached a few.)

I will say, however, the two employees I interacted with were nice.

After the 2 non-refundable pre-booked days, I decided to go to the Microtel by the Air Force Base and later, the Best Western in Bear, DE. I gave the them 5-star reviews on Yelp.

I wrote to customer service about my experience at Days Inn by Wyndham Dover Downtown. When the response came on March 14, they asked if I would open a Wyndham's Loyalty Reward Account they would credit 3,000 points. I looked at the rate of a two-day stay and they credit would need to be * 30,000 * - so I told Wyndham this was unacceptable. I replied with what I thought might be an acceptable compromise to receiving a full refund (Day 04625 Kroll 4178888), this time including photos. The response I received said a “complaint was filed on my behalf.” It also stated “We will continue to monitor your concerns to ensure a proper resolution.”

I followed up by asking the progress on this complaint and was told, “As previous email has indicated, we are willing to apply 3,000 points to your Wyndham Rewards account.”

I ask for a complete refund for the 2 nights I purchased. Had it not been for my cell phone’s internet, I would have lost a lot of time and money during this business trip. I also ask you to visit this location- specifically Room 202- and see for yourself. This location is screaming for a complete renovation. 3,000 points doesn't even cover half of one day's future stay. I would like a refund- or 30,000 points.


Dec 19, 2014
I'm sorry to hear about your experience at a sub-par hotel. It's happened to everyone and is especially irritating when you are tired and trying to be productive with work.

In my opinion, a full refund is not a reasonable expectation. Your case for a full refund of the non-refundable stay would be reasonable had the following occurred:
- You immediately notified the front staff about the deficiencies
- You allowed the property to try and rectify the deficiencies (for example, moving you to a different room)
- If the hotel could not rectify the issues, you checked out and did not complete the stay.

I realize that the above sounds harsh, but the fact is that you voluntarily stayed both nights. Had you immediately checked out upon arrival, you have a much stronger case of a 100% refund.

Lets dissect your issues:
- The location was unsavory and unsafe.
Unfortunately, this is subjective. Recently, we stayed at a very nice property that was next to a short term stay apartment complex. I felt uncomfortable walking around at night because there were people loitering, and the sub shop adjacent had bars on the windows. Thankfully, nothing bad happened, but this is a red herring. It is your perception, and may or may not be reality
- The water was not hot
This is a legitimate complaint. Did you notify the staff during your stay?
- The internet was slow or not working
Another legitimate complaint. Again, did you notify the staff during your stay? What was their response?
- Maintenance issues
Did you notify the hotel?

Not to sound critical, but the reviews of this property are not good. It is definitely a budget hotel, and while budget properties should still provide a clean and safe environment, sometimes you get what you pay for.

The biggest impediment to your refund request is from a management perspective you stayed both nights, so from their perspective, was it truly that bad?

Asking for 50% refund may likely get more consideration.

Just some constructive feedback.
Apr 9, 2019
THANKS so much for responses!
I booked through; the ratings showed they were a good hotel on

I totally understand your perspective of wondering why I stayed, but this is why: While my son was traveling a few hours north for vacation, I traveled for business and after he dropped me off, I was without a car. said I could not receive a refund within 24 hours, and I had not seen the property until I arrived (only reviews). I felt it safest to stay inside, locked in, since I had no car. I was also afraid to ask the front desk or anyone for help. I just stayed locked in- except for the time a friend picked me up for a dinner (and she was horrified that I stayed. She asked me to go to her house, but I had already spent the money and did not want to inconvenience her. Besides, if I could get into the hotel and lock the door, I knew I could last there until my son returned).

I am fine to accept what is reasonable.

Truly the most important thing is getting someone from the company to come assess this hotel before there is a crime.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
· It’s old and not well kept up and you know it.
Food wasnt very good room smelled like cigarettes and was musty
The walls are very thin, and I could hear every word of the conversation in the adjacent room. Also, the available electrical charging ports didn't work.
The room we were in was very dated. Smelled very strongly of must, very strong. Walls are THIN! Heard EVERY other person staying at the hotel, outside, in their rooms....was very hard to sleep through the night!
The loudness was a problem. All night you could hear people above us and outside of our window. That will definitely put a damper on staying here again.

Thats what I found on the minuses people were saying online on What I did notice was that no one mentioned it being in a sketchy area like you claim - many said they walked to restaurants from the hotel.

But TripAdvisor had plenty of warnings of the same things that you complained of.

The corporate offices are going to ask why you didn't leave. You could have taken a cab or Uber to another hotel. If you really are only interested in having Corporate fix the hotel I wouldn't ask for money - I would point out everything you noted and tell them this hotel is a bad reflection of the brand.
Apr 9, 2019
Hi Neil. I disagree. It almost sounds ... as if you work to dissuade those who complain, rather than advocate. May be why I was pointed in this direction. Regardless, I truly appreciate a new point of view! Kind regards!


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm sorry you had such a miserable experience. The main issues are lack of hot water and slow internet. The other problems should have been reported to the front desk. If you felt unsafe walking from your room to the front desk, you should not have stayed. Days Inn is a very low-budget hotel. Their offer of points sounds about right as a gesture of good will; both the hot water and the internet might have been repaired had you reported the problems.

Read Trip Advisor reviews before you book. Don't rely on reviews posted on an online booking site ... they may not be valid. Book directly with the hotel or airline. A hotel cannot fix unreported problems. If the place scares you, call a taxi and get out. If you book rock-bottom prices, don't expect much. Upgrade yourself to a better quality hotel.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Hi Neil. I disagree. It almost sounds ... as if you work to dissuade those who complain, rather than advocate. May be why I was pointed in this direction. Regardless, I truly appreciate a new point of view! Kind regards!
We also are here to point out the kind of questions that will be asked when you write to the corporate offices.

While you were at the hotel, did you tell them of the issues or ask to be moved? Or ask for a refund of the second night so you could move to another hotel? You should always work with the hotel and ask them to remedy the problem while you are there. A room change might had gotten better wi-fi and warmer water. The water is a legitimate complaint.

What you also experienced is what is a well known about booking with an OTA vs. booking directly with the hotel. You often get the worst rooms in the hotel and they do very little for you if you have a problem. There is a book called “Heads in Beds” that is an eye opener about what it’s like working in a hotel.

Have you used our company contacts to go all the way the Corporate chain or have you only dealt with Customer Service? If you haven’t gone all the way up the corporate chain, you should give it a try. An executive can go further than the Customer Service reps. can. You have nothing to lose by going to the Executives.

This is how you should write :

One thing I would omit was the location, as many reviews stated that they walked to restaurants in the area.

Give it a try - you have nothing to lose by trying.
Sep 19, 2015
Hi Neil. I disagree. It almost sounds ... as if you work to dissuade those who complain, rather than advocate. May be why I was pointed in this direction. Regardless, I truly appreciate a new point of view! Kind regards!
Part of being an advocate is to alert consumers to what hurdles they may face in addressing their problems. That is not dissuading that is being realistic.
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