Cricket Wireless - Online Order Issues

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Dec 18, 2019
I am writing to complain about the online order process for Cricket Wireless.

I have made two separate order attempts online: December 11th, 2019 (order #14xxxxxxx) and December 14th (Order #142) and BOTH TIMES my order was canceled without any reasonable, logical explanation.

I am attempting to purchase a new line/phone for my 72yr old mother who is visiting me from out of state and she needs a decent phone with reasonable plan pricing. I placed the order to be delivered to my home address (which is associated with my billing address) so that I could activate/setup phone for her before she leaves for her return home January 7th.

Here is the link for the device/offer:

After 9 phone calls and 2 live chats to include: everything from providing credit card information/billing address/expy date; the number to be ported over, along with the original carrier's account number/pin associated with ported number, I keep receiving emails that first say "order pending", then a few hours later "order delayed due to shipping", then finally (typically 24hrs later) "order canceled" with no information other than "we could not verify your information".
This is a vague term that explains nothing, nor is there a "next level" step in such one might be able to correct "unverifiable information".
Cricket Customer Support representatives cannot provide any other information other than "go to the store" and offer useless "apologies" for not having more information nor the power to correct the issue.

Now, we both know that Cricket stores do NOT offer the same deals online. In addition this assumes that (1) people are close in distance to a local Cricket; (2) that people have time to get into their vehicles/bus/motorcycle, etc, and make that trip.

I have found that the CS reps - even those with titles of "Supervisor" know nothing and have absolutely ZERO authority to assist.
In addition how is it possible that online orders exist, but there is NO ONLINE ORDER DEPARTMENT to handle any issues that may come up.

I have been a Cricket Wireless consumer for 7yrs with a multi-line account, and have never seen such substandard service, incompetent and unknowledgeable employees when it comes to addressing online orders. What I can say is that the CS representatives are always "nice and polite". However, nice and polite does not address my specific issue, nor does it assist me in completing a transaction.

FYI: There are complaints all over the CricketNation Blog about this issue, so it simply cannot be that I am only "aggrieved" consumer experiencing this issues.
Why would a company offer online sales to the public, but have no redress for any issues that may crop up? Why would a company offer online sales and have absolutely no person/department to handle any issues that may arise?

This is not only supremely poor customer, but it is most emphatically a way to blow smoke up the consumer's butt and tell them a RESOUNDING are not valued and your money is not wanted. As on update: I just phoned my bank only to discover that both times - December 11th and December 14th, Cricket Wireless was given authorization for the purchases, and both times - CRICKET WIRELESS NEVER ATTEMPTED TO USE THE AUTHORIZATIONS give my bank/associated debit card.

In other words, NO ONE DID ANYTHING and there is NO ONE TO help fix this issue.


If you were not aware of this issue, particularly at the most profitable time of the year for cellular device sales, I do hope that you/your team will take a look at this
Sincerely ,

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Jul 30, 2018
This forum provides consumers the tools that enable them to self-advocate their own problems with a specific company. It appears you have never been charged for the product you were trying to buy, rather, you are frustrated that you weren't able to complete the online purchase. I suggest you use the search feature of this forum and see if we have company contacts for Cricket. Then you can write to the first listed contact listed and state that you having difficulty making an online purchase.

A few thoughts when you do write:
* State only the facts using bullet points. Your narrative is quite long and difficult to follow. Refrain to from writing extraneous information and emotion. The person reading your letter does this all day and does not have time to decipher a long letter.
* Be polite, patient and persistent. The person reading your letter did not cause your problem, yet is in a position to help you.
*Do not write to all the contacts simultaneously, doing so could cause your letter to end up in spam.
Jun 10, 2019
Are you trying to buy the phone with your credit card and have it shipped to your own address but have it set up in her name with her billing information on the account? That may be the issue.

For security purposes, your billing address must match the address that's associated with the debit or credit card you use to pay. However, you can enter a separate shipping address. If you prefer to pick up your package, you can change your delivery location after you place your order. See below for details.
The address you enter at checkout must match the one on file with the bank that issued your debit or credit card exactly:
For example: if you enter "123 Main St." and your bank has "123 Main Street," we may not be able to verify your address.