Congress helping out the American Traveler

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Verified Member
Oct 2, 2014
Looks like the latest FAA spending bill has a few big pluses from travelers
1. Airlines have to refund baggage fees for bags delayed more than 12 hours (15 internationally).
2. In general, Airlines have to ensure that kids 13 and younger are seated with parents
3. Requires TSA to have precheck lanes open during busy periods
4. Provides TSA more money for teams to provide security in the public areas of the terminal
5. Toughens requirements on employees with access to the secured areas of the airport
Aug 28, 2015
New York
Did you guys read about the 10 million suit the parents of an unaccompanied minor assaulted by a stranger seatmate? I wonder how that will affect the unaccompanied thing.... It sounded like the FA was pretty astute and caught it quickly, still....