Closed account with over 4k$ gift card balance. Reward!

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Oct 19, 2018
Hello! My girlfriend's account was closed because of ,,invalid gift cards" with over 4k$ in it. The gift cards were purchased from a 3rd party seller. The account is legit and also Prime with real card attached. I have contacted them many times via phone and always replied to their emails and they told me to send the receipts of the giftcards to their fax number which i already did and no reply for over 1-2 months. My own account was in the same situation too few months ago but i managed to reinstate it after a lot of calls and faxes with receipts sent.

If there's somebody who can help me i'd like to give a reward. I think i have 2 other legit accounts closed too that i need to get reinstated.

Thank you!

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You have a whole host of things that are against policy- more then one account and cards bought through third party sites. Also if her account is associated with an account that’s been suspended, they will close it too.

What were you buying with the gift cards? Other gift cards?

Please go to Amazon and read the reasons for suspension:

  1. Use of Balance or any Gift Card in Violation of these Terms and Conditions.
    By using a Gift Card you agree to comply with these terms and conditions, and not to use a Gift Card in any manner that is misleading, deceptive, unfair, or otherwise harmful to, its affiliates, or its customers. We reserve the right, without notice to you, to void Gift Cards (including as a component of your Balance) without a refund, suspend or terminate customer accounts, suspend or terminate the ability to use our services, cancel or limit orders, and bill alternative forms of payment if we suspect that a Gift Card is obtained, used, or applied to an account (or your Balance is applied to a purchase) fraudulently, unlawfully, or otherwise in violation of these terms and conditions.

You say you sent Amazon the receipts- they may not have been bought in a place approved by Amazon.
Plus if you had your own account suspended and had more then one account- and YOU contacted Amazon on her behalf instead of her doing it- that can also cause her account to be suspended.

We have company contacts for Amazon - try writing. Also we have multiple posts about the same thing - read them. It’s extremely rare that these are overturned.
Sep 12, 2018
Think about this from Amazon’s perspective: 1) You have multiple accounts (and I’m guessing you’re accessing them from the same computer, so they’re all showing the same IP address - red flag #1. Why would you need multiple accounts?I’m pretty sure that’s against Amazon’s rules, but I’m open to being educated. 2) More than one of these accounts has had gift cards added to it that in some way trigger a fraud warning. I’m not saying that *you* necessarily did anything illegal, but I’m struggling to think of a legitimate reason to purchase $4k worth of gift cards to make a purchase, rather than just buying whatever it is you want with a debit or credit card. Red flag #2. Again, educate me if there’s something I’m missing. 3) Third-party sites selling or exchanging gift cards are full of fishy, fraudulent, or outright illegal activities. Even if you made the purchase in good faith, Amazon can’t be responsible for the outcome, because it’s outside of their control. Insisting that they eat the loss and offering a reward to anyone that can help you make that happen is red flag #3.
Sep 19, 2015
Why are you contacting Amazon (and this forum) about your girlfriend’s account? She should be doing it. Why do you have multiple accounts? Why does your girlfriend have over $4,000 in gift cards from 3rd party sellers?
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