Citi AADvantage card

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Nov 18, 2018
Hi, I need help. My place has been broken in and items were stolen along with an old passport. I usually carry the credit cards that I frequently use and leave the ones I don’t at home e.g. the Citi AADvantage card that I only use to book tickets. I found scattered on the floor my Citi AADvantage card, so I did not report it stolen. After a few days I got a text about fraud alert on that card and then I spoke to their fraud department, I explained what happened to me and told her that I have the credit card but I’m in another part of the state. I gave her my police report number and she kept asking me why could someone use my card when it was with me, and I really don’t know the answer but I thought and told her it’s possible that I have two cards and just forgot to destroy the old one and the one that I have could be the old one since it’s set to expire on 2019. And I kept pleading for her to check if there’s another card issued. But I do not think I was being heard. She just told me they will investigate, and I really thought that they will find the truth, I even asked her to contact the police to let them know the stores that my credit card was used in hopes that the police will catch them.
But now I got a letter saying I am liable for that purchases. I just feel so desperate. I was victimized and still is being victimized by having to pay for the fraudulent transactions.
And I just feel that if they do more investigation it will show that I did not make those purchases and I cannot be physically at two places to make those purchases.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Whoever broke in your house doesn’t need the card to make purchases- they can take a picture of both so few of your card and use it to make purchases on the internet.

Your problem is you told them you had the card, which is why they held you responsible for the purchases.

Try appealing and telling them you believe the thief may have taken the card information and used it for purchases.

Where were the purchases made?
Feb 21, 2018
I'm surprised they are holding you responsible based on you having possession of the card. I've had my Amex compromised three times and in every situation, the card has been in my possession. Amex only asked me to review charges and attest that they were not mine.

'Fake' cards can be manufactured with stolen numbers. I would definitely appeal to someone at Citi about this.
Likes: Nancy


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
Call again, right now, and get someone else. Whoever you spoke to was an idiot. Follow the prompts to report a lost/stolen card. That's ridiculous. I have the same card and have had it replaced numerous times because it was used remotely - for example, $100 worth of Uber rides in San Francisco while I was in Boston.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I think I would have done this anyway - just knowing someone was in my house would have caused me to cancel all my cards.
That's exactly what I would do. It would be tempting to not report them all stolen, because it's so annoying to deal with it all, but this thread shows us why that would be wrong. CP37, follow my colleagues' advice about reporting the cards. And I agree with AMA, that rep you talked with should not be allowed to deal with customers, particularly those who have need to call the fraud department. My husband has a mysterious, ongoing issue with InterContinental MC from Chase ... Chase said there'd been a report of fraud but he hasn't had any fraud, and he certainly didn't report any. Even after talking to the fraud rep at length, she still didn't tell us what the issue was.
They're very tight-lipped about it all. My husband just cancelled his account in disgust. Six months later he applied for a new IHG MC and the new credit card's no problem, but IHG has an issue with his Rewards membership. It's like a poltergueist lurking around there somewhere causing trouble. We are frequent IHG guests, and I've had my card for years without a moment's trouble. We handled the original issue by phone, assuming it was a simple one, but this new challenge will be handled the Elliott Forum way for sure.

If you compose a concise list of all the facts, we can review it and assist you with putting your case in writing to Citi. It should be worded carefully, who knows what that rep put in your record? Thanks to her, your case is now "different" from a normal stolen card situation and your first priority is holding yourself harmless. My first thought is that you probably are responsible for any charges up until the time you called Citi ... but I have little experience with this, so I hope my colleagues can advise you properly. We take so much for granted today, everything's so easy and simple on the internet ... until it isn't. I guess we have to develop all new ways of communicating about credit cards and loyalty programs. And I think it's via email, keep it all in writing.