Cincinnati Christmas rental

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Jan 30, 2019
We secured an apartment through VRBO from Good Cheer Stays for 12/24/2018 checking out 12/27/2018. The fees for the apartment at 121 E. Freedom Way, Cincinnati, OH were 3 nights at $89.00 plus $30.00 cleaning fee and a service fee of $38.00. On Christmas Eve, my daughter and I checked into the apartment prior to the arrival of our WV family who intended to use the apartment to insure everything was fine for their arrival. When we opened the door, we found the apartment had not been cleaned from the prior occupants! The beds were a mess, garbage in baskets, bottles all over the place plus cigarette smell in an apartment advertised as smoke free! My daughter called the contact person, Hannah, who apologized for the problem. Hannah told us to wait so she could contact the cleaning person. After a few back and forth phone calls, Hannah arranged for us to relocate to another apartment as this one smelled of cigarettes. Hannah offered us $10.00 off per night for our inconvenience which we accepted, but never received. Prior to leaving this location, we took pictures to verify the room's condition. We went to the second option across the street at 120 E. Freedom Way only to find the door locked! My daughter called Hannah again who apologized again and asked us to wait for another cleaning person to let us in. After 15 minutes, a gentleman arrived who let us in only to find this apartment had never been cleaned either!! He promised to clean this apartment in an hour. By this time, it is 5:00 PM Christmas Eve and we decided to go back as we had family activities planned for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. We took more pictures before we left. Even though there were 12 people in our house, we all decided to make the best of it and remain in the house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I understand I was paying for 2 nights which did not get used by us. On Wednesday December 26, my daughter and I went to apartment #2 so we could confirm it was ready for our WV children who wanted to stay one night downtown. Much to our surprise, the apartment was a mess, but it was a DIFFERENT mess than what we saw Christmas Eve!! It was obvious someone else came in since then and used the place!!! At my expense!!! Since I had the key, it scared me to know someone could have entered the apartment while my family was inside! My daughter called Hannah who again needed to check with the cleaning people as she did not believe the mess was not ours! We pointed out to Hannah the cleaning company lied about the first and second apartments. Why would they tell the truth now! Needless to say, we did not use the place for anything . We have pictures of this mess too. No one stayed in either location.

We have reached out to Good Cheer Stays since December 26 and have not heard back. No replies! VRBO has been notified and a complaint has been filed with them. The credit card company was notified and a hold has been put on the transaction. They need 90 days to process.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Call your credit card company and see if you can do a dispute if the owner isn’t helping.

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