Chevy Equinox Class Action

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Jun 10, 2021
Very upset, I purchase another vehicle in 2018 right after my father passed because the vehicle I owned and paid for broke down. I went to a dealer saw a nice 2010 Chevy Equinox, had it inspected top to bottom at a licensed mechanic. Well after sometime my pistons did something so I had to repair, plus other parts. Well not too many months after that I get a class action card from General Motors stating they knew there was a high oil consumption issue that could effect the pistons. Well I sent my claim back in and what did they do. Denined it based on mileage well the mileage does not negate the fact you sent me the class action stating your manufacturer knew it was a problem. How is a fortune 500 company able to do a consumer this way. I just want reimbursement from repairs I had to endure because of your bad parts.
Feb 16, 2018
As far as I can tell, GM extended the mileage and time for owners to receive warranty service on 2010 vehicles. That may be why you were denied. I'm not sure I would ever use the same mechanic again, there were service bulletins issued for that year vehicle long before you had it inspected. It looks like the law firm of Whitfield Bryson LLP. You may wish to contact them to see if you have any recourse.
Nov 27, 2019
Under the settlement of the lawsuit agreed to by GM and the lawyers representing the class (and approved by the judge), GM agreed to extend the warranty on the piston assemblies from 5 years / 100k miles to 10 years/120k miles. What was the mileage on your vehicle when you had the piston repairs done?

They send the class action cards to everyone they believe might be eligible under the class. Since they don't necessarily know what your vehicle mileage is, or was when you had the work done, they couldn't be sure whether you qualified, but notified you in case you did.

I ask the mileage at the time you had the repair done because if it was very close to 120k, then you might be able to use our company contacts to ask GM to make an exception.