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Mar 11, 2019
had a third party check signed over to me from nationwide insurance drawn on chase bank. I made sure chase dealt with third party checks as they do but they said I would have to have an account, so I opened an account. They accepted the check in person, deposited it, cleared it, then froze my account. Then closed my account. They said they sent me 2 checks one for 25 the money I opened the account and the 3330.22 the check. Now their holding that money. Meanwhile the third party passes away. So they say the executor of the will has to verify but she's not a nice person and she wont do it. What can I do?
Sep 19, 2015
Third party or double endorsed checks are of major concern to banks.

Is there a reason the person did not deposit the check and write a separate one to you? Or you deposit it into an account with a bank that knows you?

Do you have anything in writing in case you need to make a claim on the estate?

There are always concerns about fraud with third party checks.

Did the person who endorsed the check go with you to the bank.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
To deposit a double endorsed check, the other person should have gone eiyhbyou to the bank, signed the check over to you in front of an officer and presented identification of who they were.

They don’t know that you didn’t steal the check out of the mail and deposit it. And in some cases banks do accept third party check, such as if someone is reimbursed for a car accident and the insurance company issued a check to the policy holder and a bank that might have a loan on a car. However if you simply asked if they take double endorsed checks but they didn’t see the check and his it was made payable they can’t definitively tell you yes or no.

And with the payee bring dead they have no way to know the payee actually signed the check over.

Unfortunately for you the executor has to protect the estate and its her duty to hold any money that might be due to the estate.
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