Car Rental with Citi Rewards

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Dec 21, 2014
I am having trouble understanding my Citi Visa rewards program. I would like to rent a car with my rewards in Las Vegas (McCarran Airport) and return the rental car in Los Angeles (LAX). Which in my adult world would appear to be a reasonable and common request.Citi Visa tells me I must return the car where I rented it from. Is this common with these programs? Am I missing something in the BIGGER picture possibly ?

Grant Ritchie

Dependable adequacy :-)
Oct 1, 2014
Dear Bud,

As Tony said, Citi Visa distributes the rewards, so Citi Visa has the right to set the ground rules. How did you learn of the site return restriction? Via a phone call? If so, I'd suggest that you email Citi. It's possible that you received a shoot-from-the-hip answer to your question, and an email might elicit a more sensible response. If it doesn't. If you still receive a "No," then I'd say that's the end of the story. They have a right to impose whatever restrictions they wish. Sorry I couldn't have better news.



Most bank cards have a contract with an agency to handle the reservations. What bank cards can or can't offer is based on contracts that these agencies have with various vendors. Not all rental cars are allowed to go one way and it can vary from location to location with car size often being a factor in one way rentals.
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