Car Damage at Valet at The Laylow Waikiki, Autograph (Marriott) Collection

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Nov 5, 2017
The leather on my steering wheel was damaged while valet parked at the Laylow Hotel (which is part of Marriott's Autograph Collection) where I was a guest. I discovered the damage after I checked out on 7/23/17. I thought my steering wheel had sand on it. But when I finally had a chance to park my vehicle I discovered two lengths of the leather was stripped off. The sand I felt was the remnants. Since this was late afternoon I called the hotel and left a message the next day. Nobody returned my call. I followed up with another call on 7/26 where I was put in touch with Ashley Westerdahl, Assistant Front Manager, who could not explain why my call was not returned. She informed me to send pictures of the damage and she will forward to their HR department. I sent the photos via email on 7/26. She confirmed receipt of the email on 7/27. I emailed her again on 8/21 as I was concerned this was taking too long. She responded the same day that she will follow-up with their HR dept. I followed up again via email on 9/14 that I will accept a hotel credit in lieu of repair to my vehicle since this was taking too long and this would be the most efficient way to close the matter and I attached a copy of an estimate (total $715 for parts and labor). She responded two day later with the message: "I notified my human resources department that you have not heard from the insurance company. She stated that if the insurance department still did not reach out after two months they decided not to pursue the claim. Unfortunately, if the insurance department decides not to pursue the claim, we are no able to proceed further." I emailed her back the same day and have not received any further response. This was a lack of protocol in how claims should be handled as I work for a commercial auto insurance company. There was no investigation; nor did they provide me with the name of their insurance company.

I've tried working with the Better Business Bureau but it appears the hotel has not responded to their inquiries. I now am in contact with Action Line, which is a local consumer line operated by a local television news station in Hawaii. Action Line has asked that I contact the General Manager which I did on 11/3. The GM is out until next week and I left a message.