CapitalOne Betrayed Loyal Customer by Reversing a Refund

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Jan 15, 2019
Purchased tickets thru my paypal for an outdoor event held out of state, so we encured other expenses, like airfare, hotel, car.
The event was cancelled due to the weather. When we returned, we contacted our banks and paypal for a refund.

Paypal immediately refunded us for products purchased, but not received. My bank also opened a dispute.
3 months later, yes, 2 months, my bank reversed the credit Paypal, which caused my account to go into a negative state.
Due to that alone, I should've been contacted by phone by my bank that I've been with several years.

Upon disputing the charges, I presented my bank with phone numbers, email addresses, and names of employees we contacted to get information about the event because it rained the entire weekend. No one answered their phones, so I had no way to actually talk to the company hosting the event.

The hosting company sent my bank a statement that they had contacted everyone offering refunds, yet no one ever contacted me, even though they had my direct contact info left on their employee's voicemail. The refund they offered me 3 months later was discounts to next year's event. Well, I was not and am not interested in going next year or ever again.....

From 11/2 to 11/20, I was given the runaround. Finally, their project manager said he had to get authorization to refund. He finally did get that , so he sent me a funds disbursement form. I completed & returned it on 11/24/18. He said he had to send a check by mail vs crediting my card or paypal account?? I have called, emailed, left messages, and still have been waiting since to receive 2 checks that were supposedly sent in the mail with no tracking numbers. It's been a constant runaround, so I forwarded the emails back and forth to CapitalOne disputes proving what I stated happened the day of the event on 12/14/18.
CapitalOne has Not responded at all.... and I'm concerned that the hosting company also has no plans to refund me.

Paypal informed me to never do a dispute with the bank. Do it with them, as they can refund charges when payments are made for items or services not received with their customer buy protection. I'm sure CapitalOne has that protection for customers too, but ???

An outdoor event is NOT a very good idea when hundreds of thousands of people are traveling to it and there is no kind of protective coverings or a backup plan. I will never ever buy event ticket in advance again. And I'm concerned that the hosting company is actually filing bankruptcy.

I hold CapitalOne Bank liable for this. After 2 months of reaching out to management, It hurt, but I closed my accounts.
I want the funds returned to me that CapitalOne reversed, along with $20 interest for the delay and all I've been thru.
Banks should not be able to reverse a charge that Paypal protection plan has restored.
CapitalOne should stand by their customers versus a company that disregards patrons and never answers their phones.
CapitalOne, please kindly send me my money, plus interest asap. I don't have hundreds of dollars to just give away!


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I cannot follow your narrative. Would you please make a list of the facts only. We would like to help you but need to know just what happened. Leave out all the emotion and extraneous details, just make a list of the facts.
Sep 19, 2015
Ok I am a little confused. the event was cancelled, the organizers never responded to refund the money; then you did a dispute?

The payment was via Paypal -- was the Capital One account a credit card account or a checking account?
Jul 13, 2016
So you opened a dispute with Paypal claiming product/goods/services not received? Then you got your bank involved by opening a dispute?

Prior to requesting the refund from Paypal, did you contact the event organizer about a refund? If so what did they say?