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Jun 26, 2018
I was lied to you from the manager of the store Jessica, she told me I had four free phones coming and reassured me they were completely free, did not tell me that 18 months from now I'd have to pay for them. I had my plan change on me without my consent and had to argue with customer service that I did not do it that I did not go from an unlimited plan to 2 gigs per line! I mean who would do that?! I purchased a Note 8 and have had nothing but problems with it it drops calls it is hard to understand anybody cuz the noise level goes up and down and this has been from the very beginning. I've spent a total in the last 6 months, about 60 hours going on the phone, walking into the store, going to the corporate store dropping off return envelopes Etc... My daughter who had my iPhone 7 plus broke her glass, like she usually does I made sure I had Insurance on her plan. She just turned 18 they had her as the primary and I never received any notifications from them whatsoever because of this they also had my other daughter's phone insured which I didn't need because she's insured through Apple. My daughter broke her phone came to me and said she doesn't have insurance I said yes you do I took a screenshot of the phone bill which showed her phone with insurance on it. As I looked I noticed that they were charging me yes, they were charging me for my own phone! That is just one of probably 30 problems that I've had to Sprint. I had my paperwork that I brought into the manager when I signed up which took 5 hours to do, she assured me that my plan would never be more than $154 without auto-pay even cheaper with auto-pay my first bill was almost $200 so I went into the store and showed her the paperwork that she wrote out and she looked at it and said that's not my writing I didn't do that! So basically she was calling me a liar! She was the only one I talk to you that day when I signed up. She gave me the four free phones she had me signing all this stuff I really trusted her and felt like she knew what she was talking about little did I know she was a scam artist and that later she would go into my account and make the changes so she profits from it. I spent hours and hours and hours on the phone with customer service I finally got through to somebody that help me and let me know why there were so many extra charges I was getting charged for things I never ordered. Keep in mind my phone still doesn't work right and if I was to get a new phone it would be refurbished not new like I bought. After 5 hours I'm talking to customer service he told me to get her District managers email and told me she has got to give it to me. Well she didn't and she said she would get back to me in a couple days and she never did when my daughter went in to get her phone fixed they told her that they knew who I was obviously the store had been talking about me and they said she was fired when I called up a couple days ago that she was there working on lunch. They told my daughter that when you leave the phone the insurance on it means absolutely nothing! Then they proceeded to sell her an iPhone 8 but only after she paid off one of them Moto X's that I got for free! I know this is already way too long but I finally got ahold of somebody in corporate talk to them they explain what charges should be taken off and put me through to customer service where I was pretty much called a liar because she could not see the information that I had in front of me and would not give me an email to send it to her so she could see it! I then contacted her supervisor he gave me my phone because it never works I couldn't understand him he was getting annoyed with me I had to take the call and I have him getting annoyed with me and I sent him the proof that I was being charged for my own phone. He did get back with me but only to tell me that he didn't get my email till 5:30 in the morning which I sent out at 4:14 the day before he then never contacted me again! That's when I found this site! I don't know what to do I am afraid of what I might stay or do to her if I go in there so I've been trying to handle this over the phone! I want to cancel I want compensation for all my time and being told lies and being taken advantage of and my daughter being taken advantage of I also want the phone's back to them and out of this contract without hurting my credit. I do believe that when she switch my plan that cancelled our contract. But I do not know this for a fact so can somebody please help me or get me to the right people or somebody actually cares about their customers! I am so so in disbelief that a company could treat people so very badly and I talked to dozens of people and all of them were horrible except for that one man that help me for 5 hours on the phone alright thank you for your time... Sorry I rambled on there's much more to this story if anybody cares to hear it
Jul 13, 2016
I realize you are very angry at Sprint, but you really need to re-write this using paragraphs and punctuation so it can be read. The advocates here cannot help if they cannot decipher the relevant information.

One thing I'll advise is to get off the phone and start an email trail--but again, your email won't be read if you do not condense it and use paragraphs.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Forum Moderator
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I have to agree with the above poster- I can’t make heads or tails out of your letter.

Can you rewrite it with paragraphs in a timeline?

Such as

On (whatever date) I went to the Sprint store locations (address)

I was told by Jessica I was entitiled to 4 free phones.


Also- did you receive a contract stating what you bought when you bought the phones)

We will tell you how to present it to Sprint but you have to have a letter that they can read and understand what happened and the store you went to. I didn’t even know what company you were talking about.