Cannot get into Spirit account, CS has been no help.

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Jun 11, 2018
I signed up for a Spirit MasterCard, and was issued a new Free Spirit account with that even though I gave my existing account # when I signed up. I didn't have any miles at that time, so no biggie, I'd just use the new account. The site tells you how to log into your Free Sprit account when you sign up for a MasterCard, a combination of your account number, first letters of your first and last name(capitalized) and the letter 'a', or something like that, then when you log in you'll be prompted to change it.

This password never worked, so I logged a support request. Didn't solve the issue.
Tweeted to them, tried to log another support request, though all of this I keep being told 'do a password reset, then wait 30 mins, when it comes, change your password'.

The password resets never worked, When I did get emails with temporary passwords, it would tell me that password was wrong, whether I copy/pasted, or hand typed it in.

Called CS, was advised that they could change the email on the account, then a password reset should work. They changed the email address, password reset email came, didn't work. Tried several times over the new few weeks, no luck.

Called CS on Friday(have now been fighting with them over a month on this), they tell me they are aware there is a problem and it's being worked on, here, have a password reset(email never came). I am beyond frustrated about this, and the only thing they seem to be willing or able to do is tell me to do a password reset, which never works, and get me off the phone. This clearly needs to go to a higher level tech, but I don't know if there is any status or even if anything I've logged is open or not.