Cannot get any information from Expedia about refund status

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Apr 26, 2021
I booked two one-way tickets on Corsair via Expedia for travel in March 2020 and the flights were cancelled due to the pandemic. Expedia issued me credits but then I received an email from them in February telling me that they would request a refund on my behalf if I clicked the link in the email. The email link would not work and so I ended up calling them three times (completely different information from everyone I spoke to), trying to use the chat to varying degrees of success (usually no agent would show up or they would abandon the chat), and emailing management at Expedia (no response). The last phone call gave me a number to call Corsair directly, which was the wrong number. I submitted an inquiry to Corsair; no response.

In the meantime, I kept trying the link in the original email. Earlier this month, when I clicked on it again, it said it looks like you have already requested a refund. However, when I go to the website to try to check my refund status, it just sends me in an endless loop between my itinerary page and their help page. The virtual assistant cannot figure out what I am asking for. I know that refunds are taking a long time and that is fine, I just can't actually figure out if it is in process or not. I have been trying to resolve this for over two months.


Jul 13, 2020
Are you sure this email was sent from Expedia?
There are scammers out there pretending to be from Expedia . I would guess the hook they ask you to fill in your credit card details and then steal your identity. So if you are not sure for a fact that this email was from Expedia, you may have been lucky that the link did not work. Maybe the scammers were caught and the web site was closed.
Did you cancel before the flight was canceled? Or did the airlines cancel before you did?
If you received a voucher is is very unlikely that they are converting this to a credit. This might be why Expedia has no idea what you are talking about.
If you did enter any details on that web site in the email and you are not 100% sure that it was an Expedia site I would take a good look at your credit card accounts, Bank accounts and your credit report for any sign of fraud.
Apr 26, 2021
Thanks so much for your response. Yes, I am sure that this email was sent from Expedia and I was not required to submit any credit card information. The link did not work at first but did eventually, so it says that I have already submitted a request for refund. The challenge is that I cannot get Expedia, via their website, chat, phone, or email to answer any of my questions about it or to confirm that it is in fact being processed.

They cancelled the flight before I did and my credit reports look clear of any sign of fraud as of last Monday.
Jan 6, 2021
Houston, TX
With that in mind, you should write to the customer service contacts for Expedia here:

It sounds like you've already hit the generic customer service email. Make sure your email is concise--less than 500 words--and explains your situation and your desired resolution. Write to each contact on the list, but wait at least one week between messages. Use the guidelines listed here:



Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Online booking services are run by computers, gmg. You need a human. Follow Alexander's excellent advice. All aspects of the travel business have been hit hard by the last 13 months, and staff is probably both overwhelmed with complaints and worried about their jobs. Your goal is to make the reader want to help you, so be polite, appreciative and concise. Good luck, and please let us know the outcome.
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