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Mar 25, 2015
Can you help????
I made reservations through on March 11 and confirmed the reservation number 176881391 BUT when I called the hotel itself to confirm on March 20th they told me BOOKING.COM completely overbooked their hotel! When I CALLED Harbor Beach Inn in Fort Lauderdale Florida for the dates April 23 to April 28 2015 and told me "No they didn't have any reservation for us"! They told me they are overbooked and they do not have our reservation!!!!!!! How can do this? I am so frustrated!!!! HOW????? HOW can help us NOW??? We are planning on seeing our son for that time period and we are both heart patients who don't need this added stress!!! I am devastated to say the least!!!! HERE IT IS MARCH 20 AND FORT LAUDERDALE IS ALMOST COMPLETELY BOOKED UP AND WE DON'T HAVE THE ROOM WE THOUGHT WE HAD CONFIRMED THROUGH BOOKING.COM desired resolution: WANT a room for 2 people very close to the beach in Fort Lauderdale at close to the same
price we
booked for. We have stayed at the Bahia Mar before and loved it. What is our chances of getting there at a reasonable price close to what we had? Or maybe the Courtyard By Marriott Fort Lauderdale Beach? or The Lago Mar Resort and Club ? I am familiar with the area of Harbor Inn and Bahia Mar and feel safe there. We will only need a room for the two of us now since my son will just stay in his studio apartment in Miami Beach but we need at least a microwave, and a frig and a good view. Free cancellation is a plus too since we are both heart patients and things happen unexpectedly. We were PLANNING on taking 2 guests but after dealing with the stress of finding out we don't have a room, we have decided not to! I really think they need to get us a oceanside hotel or something with a view after this mess has happened! I shudder to think what would have happened if I had not insisted in calling the hotel itself to confirm we did have reservations! I cannot believe this has happened to us! This trip is so important to us. My husband has gone
through some major illnesses and last fall had 2 back to back heart attacks, that ended up with a quadruple coronary bypass plus to add insult to injury he also ended up with kidney stones and a huge prostate infection. ALL we want to do is go visit our son who lives in Miami Beach! CAN YOU HELP? We have been looking for rooms again BUT the rooms costs have gone up drastically in the last few days and we feel simply lost! I also have major heart problems and have a pacemaker and neither one of us can no longer work. We are both in our late 60's.