Budget/Viking Damage Claim

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Oct 28, 2016
Recently received same FIRST letter from Budget/Viking claiming about $300 damage. Now this damage did occur. My rental vehicle was hit in a parking lot, unoccupied. The lady that hit my vehicle was nice enough to leave a note apologizing and her contact number. I later got her insurance policy number and provided it to Budget BUT I still received the Budget/Viking letter. I wrote a letter back to Budget and Viking stating again that the information had already been provided to them about how to contact the at fault driver and that further attempts to collect from me would be considered harassment.

I also included a copy of the note and text exchanges clearly indicating the other driver assumed responsibility.

I also sent this information when contacting the at fault drivers insurance, Foremost.

I have yet to received a reply from Viking/Budget (has been about 2 weeks).

Within a week of contacting Foremost, they returned with a letter stating "their records and investigation confirms the policy was not in force at the time of loss." TF does that mean? Is this Insurance BS 101? Was the other driver not paid up/insured but still had a policy or just bought a new one? I'm not responsible for this damage, I'm not paying this claim and I'm not getting my insurance involved. I think my Credit Card policy will only cover what my insurance won't cover but my deductible is $1000.

Any suggestions if Viking comes at me again?


Verified Member
Nov 21, 2014
Bottom line You are ultimately responsible for ANY damage that happens to your Rental during the time you have the car. You must pay the damages and then you are free to turn around and go after the person who you believe damaged the car.

You need to turn this into your CC provider and get this claim taken care of.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad new :(
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Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
Unfortunately, I have to agree with JVillegirl. More than likely you will be responsible to pay the rental agency for the damages, then you will need to seek relief from the individual who actually damaged it (either from them directly or their insurance company). As there are normally time limits to making the claim with coverage provided by credit cards, do not wait too long to file your claim. You are usually given more time to provide all the documentation (read your credit card benefit guide).

The plus side of getting your own insurance involved (assuming you have comprehensive/collision coverage) is they can handle the claim (minus your deductible) and then it would be up to them to go after the responsible individual for repayment.

While the rental agency may engage the other person's insurance company to receive reimbursement, they may not be obligated too, nor diligent in doing so. In the long run, it probably would be beneficial to you to be engaged with the insurance companies in this process.