Budget False Damage Claim - Sedgwick Claim Dept

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Nov 9, 2019
First thank you for the wonderful amounts of information contained in this forum. I've been reading through the various documents around Budget/false damage claims and they have helped tremendously already but I do have a question.

I received a letter for slightly over $1k in damages regarding a rental in October '19. Unfortunately when we arrived at the airport we were told that it would be 10-15 minutes before an attendant would be able to see us (don't know why) to print a receipt. Having rented automobiles for 30 years, never had a problem and running tight on making it to the gate, foolish me didn't wait, but that's under the bridge. There was no accident, there was no damage, there was no issue at all, and the automobile was sitting parked on an 80 acre farm in Oklahoma for most of the trip. I do intend to dispute the claim of course.

The letter I received from Sedgwick contains no details about what the damage was at all so I have no supporting documentation from them and no name of an actual examiner handling the claim, (FASTTRACK FASTRACK is the name listed, obviously forgot to put a name in the form letter).

I've got that letter typed up with all of the necessary requests for documentation, thanks for help in the forum, but I'm wondering should I also be reaching out directly to Budget at the same time? Or should I wait until I have the basic information back from Sedgwick that was provided to them from Budget before I start my process with Budget? I've indicated in my letter, to be sent certified mail to Sedgwick that I do intent to dispute the claim with Budget.

Thank you,
Jan 6, 2015
the United States
There are only two document types that I can see apply in this case:
  • Time/date stamped photos of the odometer and plates at the time they detected the damage
  • Time/date stamped invoice of the damages
Since you claim no damage occurred during rental, requests for additional documentation are unnecessary and may cause them to decline the entire request. What you want them to "prove", is that said damages were noted immediately after the return. Based upon you post here, I assume they will be unable to do so. If they refuse or cannot provide either, you would include that in your appeal to Avis/Budget.
Nov 9, 2019
Write to Budget as our thread on how to fight these claims advised. The executives at the car rental companies are the ones that get the claims dropped.

Thank you for advice. I'm posting here a preview of the note that I'm planning to send to them, minus some pertinent personal information for review. I'm starting with the customer service group to get it started, then will follow the guidelines as listed. Thoughts? And thank you again.

Dear Sir or Madam:
On November 4, 2019 I received a letter regarding the above Budget rental agreement and subsequent claim identification from Sedgwick. The letter from Sedgwick on behalf of Budget indicates that their investigation determined that $1021.25 in damages occurred to the automobile while in my possession. I have been provided no documentation of any kind about the supposed damages other than the letter from Sedgwick.

There were no issues nor incidents with the automobile of any kind while in my possession.

When we returned to DFW no return agent was available and we were told it would be 10-15 minutes before someone could assist us. I have rented hundreds of automobiles and found that to be unusual but it was a Sunday afternoon at DFW and it was what we were told. We were running tight on making our flight and could not wait the additional 10-15 minutes. There were no issues with the automobile so we left the keys in it as requested and departed without issue.

I am asking that Budget please review this matter and take the appropriate action in dismissing the claim. Please direct all correspondence to the following email address
Nov 9, 2019
So a follow up. I did receive a return email from Budget customer service with attached photos, but no date and time on the photos themselves. I can see the document properties of when it was created, which was 10/21 or nearly a month after I turned it in, but that doesn't really mean anything. The vehicle has obviously been driven from where I dropped it off, it has been washed, all windows are down in the photos, and it is sitting in a garage. There are a total of 10 photos and honestly it appears as if they simply took photos of the roof, all 4 quarter panels, the hood, the tailgate.. then VIN, tag, and mileage. There was still no explanation of the supposed damage. I've been looking at them and if I really try I might see a "brush scratch/scrape" on the right front and rear quarter panel, and left front quarter panel. The lighting is horrible in the photos, the reflections many, and with no words indicating what the damage is supposed to be, it's somewhat left I say again I had no incidents with the automobile. I've attached as maybe I'm just missing something.

In an interesting side note I received an electronic receipt for the rental showing it checked in on my return date with nothing noted in the receipt at all regarding any issues with the return. It's my belief that this actually helps in my dispute. If the person who checked it in didn't note it at the time of the check in, even though I wasn't there, that works in my favor. In fact I received a credit for turning it in early over the original expected charge.

Here's what I think the next steps should be. Write back to the service person first requesting date/time stamps on the photos themselves and re-iterating I had no issues with the automobile while refuting a statement they made in the email that the "incident" occurred at the rental center while in my possession.

I may or may not get back the photos with date/timestamps. Either response leads to the escalation to the 1st level executive in my opinion... I've looked closer at photo 2, right front quarter and what most of it is the reflection of a white car to the left. There is some roughness around the wheel well, but that's all I see.

photo 2.jpg photo 4.jpg photo 5.jpg photo 10.jpg photo1.jpg photo3.jpg
Sep 20, 2015

I may or may not get back the photos with date/timestamps. Either response leads to the escalation to the 1st level executive in my opinion... I've looked closer at photo 2, right front quarter and what most of it is the reflection of a white car to the left. There is some roughness around the wheel well, but that's all I see.
You won't get the photos with date/time stamps pertaining to your actual rental because they don't exist. This is a scam. I am completely convinced they discover the damage days/weeks later, and start going down the list of renters until someone bites. Don't bite. Fight back. Sedgwick is hired just for this purpose, to try to collect from previous renters, I'm guessing for a piece of the recovery.
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