Broken Bicycle Frame

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Mar 24, 2018
I flew my bicycle in an approved TSA bicycle case on a Delta flight on 2/7/18.

Upon unpacking and re-assembling the bicycle 5 days later, I found that I could not get the rear wheel and chain to set properly. I brought the bike to my local bike shop 2 days later for assessment.
The bicycle shop found that the seat stay on both sides was cracked.
This results in the bicycle frame, which is carbon, totaled.

I submitted a claim the day that the bicycle shop owner noted the damage which was 2/14/18.
I have waited 6 weeks to hear from the claims department that because I did not submit the claim within 24 hours that they cannot accept this claim.

This 24 hour rule has no bearing on the damage to my bicycle and would like to escalate this problem so that I can replace my $4000 bicycle frame.

I feel that paying $150 just for the bicycle transport should result in respectful handling of my property. I do think that this was an accident, but I should be offered a remedy.


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I’m sorry this happened but any time you ship something that fragile you should immediately inspect it.

We have company contacts on top of our page. Read the instructions on how to begin the writing campaign and if necessary go up the entire executive chain.

Let us know how you make out.
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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is a shame, Mel. I'm sure you understand that an airline will not pay for damage not reported immediately. You could go home with the bicycle, the mailman could run over it and cause the damage. If everyone weren't so greedy and willing to commit fraud for money, airlines wouldn't be so hard-nosed about it. But they are and they are. When you contac Delta, remember that the person reading your letter did not cause your problem and is in a position to help you. Taking instant responsibility for not reporting the damage immediately will go a long way. Airlines receive thousands of complaints from people always blaming someone else for their problems, so they look more kindly on a customer who really needs some help.