British Airways - How to proceed - making a claim

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Oct 14, 2019
During a trip to Italy on 9/22/19, our flight was delayed approx half hour causing us to miss our connecting flight, still British Airways. In the process our suitcase was lost so my Husband and I had to buy clothing as we shared the suitcase. This caused a lot of stress as we called every day only to be told a different story, each time promising it would be delivered to wherever we were, following us on our tour. It ruined our vacation as we spent our free time calling British Airways. I added 2 days int’l calling at $10/day, the rest of the time using tour guide’s cell phone. Once home, I added international calling on my plan so I could continue calling. It finally showed up at Delta airlines in Orlando, eight days after we returned home. We picked it up. Our brand new Samsonite suitcase looked like it was 10 years old. Our connecting flight on our return trip was delayed by two hours causing us to miss our flight with Spirit Airlines who charged us a $99 each fee (4 travelers). Next flight was next morning so we had to pay for a hotel room and Uber both ways. Another complication was that the lost suitcase was put under the wrong name - a friend traveling with us who did not pay for a check-in. All in all, not only was our vacation ruined but we incurred $760 worth of additional expenses.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We need more information. What airport did you leave from and fly to? Did you have a separate ticket on Spirit? (If so, BA doesn’t owe you anything for the Spirit flight - they are only responsible for all flights booked under their PNR (reservation).

Who booked the air for you? Was there at least two hours connecting your outgoing flights? A half hour delay should not have caused you to miss a connecting flight if there was adequate connecting time.

What they do owe you is for any clothing or sundries your had to buy to get you through the vacation with the missing suitcase. Did you buy anything and do you have receipts? Did you file a claim at the airport for the lost luggage?
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Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Do you have copies of your receipts for the items purchased? If so, have you written to British Airways customer service to begin the process of reimbursement for the purchased items? If not, start there. If you do not hear from them after one week then use the company contacts link at the top of the forum to find the email addresses for the executives. Write to them one at a time waiting one week for a reply.

When you write to BA, keep your correspondence brief and polite. Ask for reimbursement for those purchased items only and maybe a small goodwill gesture for the inconvenience. You are not owed anything for the inconvenience so its best not to demand anything.

Regarding the missed Spirit flight, @Neil is correct, BA is not responsible for the cost of the missed flight if you did not purchase it as one ticket with BA. In BA's eyes, they got you to your final destination.
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