British Airways/Aer Lingus/Delta Debacle - All pointing fingers at each other

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Apr 10, 2018
We were in Dublin for a week, including St. Patrick's Day. We booked the flight on BA and the return had a connecting flight on Aer Lingus to London-Heathrow. Here is a synopsis of what happened:

1. On 3/17, we received an email from Aer Lingus that our connecting flight for 3/18 to London was cancelled. Told to contact BA since we booked flight through BA.
2. On hold with BA for over an hour. No one ever picked up.
3. Went to the airport to sort it out. BA sent us to Aer Lingus and they rebooked us on a Delta flight to JFK and Jet Blue to Chicago. Gave us paperwork with confirmed flights and ticket numbers.
4. Arrived at the airport the next day and Delta told us there was no reservation and flight was oversold and sent us back to Aer Lingus.
5. Aer Lingus could not explain what happened and rebooked us again on a flight to London later that day and a United flight for Monday.
6. Aer Lingus flight was 3 hours late and we arrived at London at 10PM. No Aer Lingus rep to help with hotels.
7. Arrived home the next day.
8. Wrote letter to parent company of BA and Aer Lingus. Response was that it was Aer Lingus problem and to contact them.
9. Delta responded that it was Aer lingus' fault and to contact them.

Poor customer service from all three airlines.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Things like this happen but you did have quite a few things compiled. However- they got you to your destination, albeit late, and schedules aren’t guaranteed.

You may be due compensation through EU261. Do you know why your flight was canceled?
Apr 10, 2018
We were not given a reason. The Aer Lingus rep on 3/17 was not even aware the flight was cancelled until we told him The flight was cancelled on 3/17, a day before our flight. It was snowing on 3/18, but flights did leave Dublin all day, including the 6:35AM Aer Lingus flight to London as well as the 8:35AM flight. So, it cannot be weather related as far as I can tell.