booked a duplicate flight, but spirit doesn't refund me.

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Mar 15, 2018
two days ago, I booked a round trip flight on expedia. Because of the web error I clicked the confirmation button twice. So I booked a duplicate flight but I don't know at that time. Today I check my credit card account, I found I was charged twice. I called Spirit, but they said they can cancel one of them but I can't get any refund. I think this doesn't make sense. How can one person use two same flight tickets at the same time, same day, same airline?


Verified Member
Jan 20, 2015
They are just hoping you are naive enough to accept their statement as truth.
File a dispute with your credit card. Make sure they know you had difficulty with the website.
Did you get two separate confirmation emails? This could be problematic but not insurmountable as it is not all that uncommon to get duplicate emails from website, especially when they are automatic or they have more than one email address on file for you.
Just be straightforward and explain the situation simply to your credit card vendor.
There s so much straight out thievery in business today it is disgusting.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You had 24 hours to cancel the duplicate booking but because you did it through Expedia, you needed to contact them. Didn’t you get two confirmation emails?

The charge may have been an error but you risk them canceling everything by doing a charge back because you didn’t fix it within 24 hours. Have to contacted Expedia? You always have the go through Expedia when you book through Expedia.