BMW 528i Defective Drive Train Malfunction

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Jan 11, 2019
You said you bought in 2013 but you didn’t say what year it was.

“I purchased the car in 2013 from Fields BMW with 18,000 miles and the car has always been serviced at BMW dealerships in which I have BMW rep info, the issue is BMW knew about this issue in ,2012 and 2013 and never
Communicated to the consumer , and ”

Did you have the option of buying an extended warranty? That is the only thing I can see rust would have helped. We all take a chance by not buying an extended warranty when the initial warranty is up and gamble that there isn’t going to be a big problem down the road. I’ve had an engine blow up on an older car and that signaled it was time to buy a new car.

If you have already written to the CEO and they have told you no, it’s time to get an attorney and think about buying a new car. There isn’t anything else we can do.

Why not try to get in touch with these some of the owners who got BMW to pay in full for their repairs and ask how they did it. They may able to refer you to an attorney.
It's not always easy to comprehend what he's saying, but I believe he said it's a 2012 model that he bought in 2013.
Apr 22, 2019
If I don't get an resolution by this week , I'm going to let news cover my story due to when invest this money in s car and they knew about the defective part it not fair to the consumer whom had purchased thier products and I have contacted them trying to get an speedy resolution.