Beware of STI prepaid phone cards

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Jan 6, 2015
This is to alert you and your readers to a company that appears to be a scam. About 11 years ago I purchased a prepaid phone card from Sprint. It worked well and I kept refilling it. Then several years ago it was taken over by STI prepaid. I recently tried to use my card and a recorded message stated that it had expired. I talked to a live body and was told that it did indeed expire even though it had $5.37 remaining on the card and that they would not send me the money or reactivate the card.

Here is what I have found out.

This link is the BBB information on STI prepaid: prepaid&tobid=&location=San Jose,CA&filter=businesses
They get an F from the BBB:
They have had loads of complaints:
Their site states that there is no expiration on recharge cards:

North Carolina cancelled their long distance business within the state
Sorry for the long email but I thought that you might be interested