Best Buy Refrigerator Delivery Ruined Kitchen and Basement

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Verified Member
Jan 20, 2015
Vanessa - I don't think BB jus gets to 'not allow' the credit to remain.
From my experience, the bank looks at both sides and makes a decision.
Then, of course, BB can still come after you for the $.


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
I dunno about the credit not disappearing after a couple of months. I wouldn't trust Worst Buy as far as I could throw a refrigerator. Can the OP demand cash?


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
If I'm understanding your situation right now, I'd be concerned about the CC dispute. The refrigerator works and has worked from the day it was installed. The issues you've had are a malfunctioning part that doesn't affect the refrigerator's operation and extensive damage to your house. It's disgusting that Best Buy is forcing you to go through all this. The correct way to handle it was to fix the refrigerator and repair your house the minute you told them what the problem was. Have we discussed the local TV station ombudsman? Perhaps BB needs to be shamed publicly for the way they're treating a good customer.
Jan 8, 2015
If the company would not explain the so called depreciation then they need to and I wouldn't sign a thing until they do. Their contractor screwed up and they need to repair things to the way they were before, which is no water damage. Regarding the dispute, I can't see the card company not finding in favor of Best Buy. They sold you a product which you have been using. The problem is with the insurance company and contractors.
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