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Aug 9, 2017
I used an annual upgrade to acquire an LG G5 phone over a year ago. Since then, I've had it replaced at least 3 times - nearly every 3-4 months - with no clear cause as to why my phone stopped working. None of them had external or water damage, but they would simply stop turning on or recharging. Each time, I've returned the phone via AT&T warranty service, and after they have assessed that the phone is truly not working, they send me a new one to replace it at no additional cost to me. However, when I sent my phone for a 4th time in June 2017, AT&T claims I sent a Disassembled Device - apparently it is missing the battery cover - so my claim was considered void and they have now charged me for my old phone as well as the new one they sent to replace it. So on top of paying for the phone that I'm currently using, they have charged my account for an additional $580.00 for the previous phone that was 'disassembled.'

The problem here is that I've literally been sold a faulty product that needs replacing every few months. The previous 3 times I've sent the phone, not one of them had water or physical damaged, and were fully assembled - I sent it with all its parts - but for some reason they claim that I sent a device that was missing parts so now I have to pay for both phones. I talked to Customer Services today, at first with an employee named Janelle (sp?) - she was very kind and helpful - and then her supervisor Alex W. (employee ID: AW942M) and both were unable to remove the additional charge. They both claim that the pictures their technicians took upon the device's arrival showed that it arrived disassembled. Since I did not think I needed to take pictures of the device before sending it, the only proof that I sent the phone fully assembled is my record of doing so the past three times. On the off chance I did indeed send the phone disassembled, I've searched my home and am unable to find the piece in which they claim I did not send. Alex's only avenue of recourse for me was to contact US Postal Services to see if they had a record of my package being damaged while in transit, since he stated that the charge was going to basically stand until I could provide irrefutable evidence that I had in fact sent the phone fully assembled or was disassembled by a third party.

That said, if the phone functioned in the first place, I would not have had to replace it several times to the point where a mistake like this could happen. What is even more frustrating is that I am not allowed to switch to a different device. If I wish to use a different phone like Samsung or Blackberry, I will have to keep paying what I owe for the LG phone whilst paying for my new phone. They will not credit me what I've already paid for the LG phone nor let me transfer the lease from a clearly flawed phone to a more reliable model/different brand. I've asked for this possibility since the 2nd time I have had to replace my phone.

What is my desired resolution?
I want to be allowed to acquire a different type of phone - like Samsung, Blueberry, Sony etc - at no additional cost and to be credited what I've already paid for the LG G5. I also no longer wish to pay for the LG G5 phone since it is clearly a flawed device. I would also like the additional charge of $580.00 to be removed from my account.


Apr 10, 2017
Get the company contacts for AT&T from this site. Write a polite concise email outlining what happened and submit to the first executive contact. Wait 1-2 weeks and if you don't get a response or you don't like what they tell you escalate to the next contact. Again, wait 1-2 weeks and move up the chain of command as necessary. I think it's reasonable to credit the money you've already paid toward a new phone. Good luck.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
What a great ATT story! Sell you 5 phones that don't work, then use the flimsy excuse that a missing battery cover should void the warranty. Give you CS people who are beyond nice and sweet but can't do a thing about your issue. ATT really knows how to do customer service.

ADM has given you very good advice. Remember the person reading your letter did not cause your problem. Your job is to make that person want to help you. Keep your letter VERY concise and polite. You want him to understand your problem the first read-through and route it on to the correct department. You deserve a phone that will work at no extra cost to you.

I would specify that you do not want another piece of junk like they've been sending you. But be really nice about it!
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