Be Very Careful When Booking Hotel for Several Nights

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Dec 7, 2017
I booked a room at Select Hotel Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin for four nights. The price advertised on Expedia was $85.20. That was what they charged for the first night. For the second night they charged $87.78, but for the last two nights they charged $214.30! When they confirmed the availability of the rooms, I provided my credit card information, not paying attention to the total cost for the four nights, and they claim there is nothing they can do. Of course, I understand that prices for hotel rooms vary from day to day, but $214.30? They claim the price went up (almost 300%) because the hotel was heavily booked, but that is not true. In fact, it was fairly empty... They're not even embarrassed that they charged such an inflated amount.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
This is the way it works when you book hotels for multiple nights. Most have higher prices on weekends than on weekdays, if the hotel is almost sold out or if there is something big going on in the city - and it is usually shown as an "average" nightly rate and you have to click down into the rate price to see the individual night rates - but it all equals out to the average rate.

I re-created a booking on Expedia for the hotel -

Here is exactly what it shows - average rate is $134.15- if you click onto the rate on the booking page - it clearly shows you the rates per night. And yes, the nights are dependent on what is going on in town that night, how booked the hotel is. maybe there was a convention in the area - but the information is right there to be seen before you book. There shouldn't have been any surprises. The hotel goes up to $245 on New Years Eve - popular night.

Room 1: 2 Adults avg./night
Thu, Dec 28
Fri, Dec 29
Sat, Dec 30
Sun, Dec 31

Trip Total: $426.7



Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This is very common amongst all hotels. They have an enormously complicated matrix on room rates. Be sure you know what you're buying before you pull the trigger. When I see this kind of pricing, I often book one or two nights at a time, then check back often to see if I can book the expensive nights at a better rate.
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