Bad Reception, Great Outcome Using Company Contacts

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Apr 5, 2017
I just moved into new area in Stamford, CT and for first time, I no longer have any AT&T reception in house and intermittently 1 bar outside. I visited local store, who acknowledged area of my house has very bad reception and suggested a microcell device connected to router to create cell spot via internet. They suggested since I'd been a longtime 20yr customer with higher tier subscription plan, that instead of selling me a microcell for$149 I should contact customer service.

And this is where things went downhill fast. Customer service immediately offered to sell me device at full price but nothing else. After persisting, I ended up being transferred through 5 departments over next 1.5 hours. At one point I was told that most houses in area did have microcells, a clear indication of bad reception and they might be able to help me, but then the next desk would pull up my address on a system that said the area has good cellular coverage. Finally, the last person put me on hold and I finally got disconnected.

While considering switching to another carrier as solution, I first tried emailing the AT&T Office of President with the contact information on this site, explaining the issue, the longterm relationship I had with the company, and the poor customer service received. Within 2 hours of emailing, I received a call from that office that apologized and quickly overnighted me a microcell at no cost. This was a great outcome that keeps me a loyal subscriber and I owe alot of thanks to this site for providing that contact information!


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Terrific! Good work on solving this little annoyance. I just replaced my ATT landline after ten years of terrible service ... I can hardly bear to talk with them (the term bozos comes to mind), so I applaud your persistence! Thanks so much for letting us know.