Bad Policy on Medical Excuse

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Jan 15, 2019
I booked flights for my wife and I for our annual trip to visit my sister in Taos, New Mexico during Feburary 2018. I booked them in December of 2017. Before our trip, my wife developed a serious knee problem and we couldn't make the trip. American Airlines accepted our medical excuse and gave us a flight credit which was fine, I thought, since I would just use them the next year as the extension was for one year. However, when I went to book our flights for our 2019 visit, I was told that the approved excuse extension was for one year from the date of booking, not one year from the date of the flight. My sister is only in Taos for January and February so that meant I couldn't use the tickets. I complained to customer service saying that it wasn't realistic if someone had an annual trip at a certain time and that the extension should be to the flight date. They replied that they would not change their policy and thus I was out $1000, so sorry.
Obviously I do not think that the policy is fair but at least they should be clear about it up front.
I would like a flight credit for the money spent. I am sure they sold my abandoned seats to someone else so they are just taking my money because they can. I do take 5 or 6 flight trips a year and would appreciate being able to use the already collected money as I am now retired.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
The policy fair, especially if you booked non refundable rates. They don't have to give you anything when you book a non refundable rate. As Lori Ann said, this is the policy for all airlines. You will also be charged a re-booking fee.

In the future - purchase travel insurance. That is exactly what it is for.

You can write to AA and request an extension and see what they say - the worst they can say is no. Use this post about how to write.