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Feb 22, 2018
On the afternoon of Friday December 29, after searching for cars around Durham, and not being able to find any at the local Rental Agencies (Enterprise, Avis/Budget) due to the upcoming year end long weekend, I decided to go to Enterprise in Scarborough to pickup a car.
While on that trip (during the increasing snowstorm) trying to find the Enterprise location, we (my 2 friends and I) got lost, but saw an Avis location and decided to stop there to enquire if they had any cars. (Note: I have a corporate account with Avis, for over 6 years now).
This Avis location had about 4 vehicles on the lot, and after speaking with All State, I was able to arrange a rental car from them. Because I already own an Impala, I decided to rent the only one on the lot.
It was snowing profusely at that time, and the Rental Agent told us to check the car, but did not accompany us outside to make the inspection. The car was covered with snow, but we walked around it, and went back into him and told him that we couldn’t really see the body of the car properly because of the snow, but it seemed ok.
When we drove the car off the lot, once we got to the main road the car began vibrating and we became concerned, but I said that it could be because of the heavy snowfall, and the ice accumulation in the tires were reacting to the snow covered road.
(Note: I had previously experienced in my Impala about a year ago a similar vibration, and upon taking it to the dealer, was told by them that the Impalas have a problem with ice accumulation in/around the tires which can cause some vibration; and this is what I was assuming).
I had my first physio and doctor’s appointment that day. We then drove to my home and parked the car in my driveway. The car was not driven that long weekend (because I wasn’t able to drive due to injuries to my shoulder and pain from my car accident (on December 27), and it remained parked until January 2, 2018.
On January 2, we went to my physio and other medical appointments, and realized that the car’s vibration was escalating when we got on the 401.
After my appointments, I called Avis that afternoon to have the car picked up, because I felt that it was not safe to drive (which I told them) and I would like to schedule Roadside Services’ to come out and exchange the vehicle. I was then told that they no longer provided that service; especially if the car is still drivable.
I was concerned that I had to pay for gas for a car that I had to return to pick up a new vehicle, and wanted to know how I would be reimbursed for the gas and my time. The Customer Service person said that they would reimburse half of the daily car rental fee.
We called the Avis location (told them about the vibration issue), then took the car back to them.
The snow was still falling that day intermittently, and the car was also covered in the snowy gunk from the weather over the past days.
When my fiancé and I got to Avis, we told them again of the problem with the car, the same agent who rented me the car on December 29, 2017 walked out to the car, immediately went over to the right back panel (without checking any other area of the car), and began to wipe it clean. Under the gunk were scratches, and he promptly said “you got into an accident”. But, we absolutely DID NOT GET INTO AN ACCIDENT.

The mere fact that this agent didn’t check any other areas of the car, and went to a specific spot on the car which was totally covered with snow and road gunk to reveal the damage, clearly indicates that he knew that the car was previously damaged before I rented it, and also knew exactly where that damage was.
It was then also clear, why he did not come out to inspect the car with us, when I rented it, because he knew I would not see the damage under the snow, and wanted to pull this SCAM on me.

Can you please advise me on what to do.. Thank you.