Avis/Viking Damage Claim Dropped?

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Oct 30, 2017
I rented a vehicle from Avis, one way, on 8/13/2017 from Chico, CA to Sacramento, CA. The vehicle had approximately 38,000 miles on it. The vehicle had, what I considered to be, normal wear and tear scuff marks on it. I did not ensure that these were marked on the damage form, nor did I take pictures. I know, big mistake. It did have more significant cosmetic damage to the front bumper that I had the attendant mark on the damage form. I drove the vehicle directly to Sacramento, stopping only to fill the gas tank. I had the vehicle for approximately 2 hours. There was no damage to the vehicle in that time.

Last Friday, I received a letter from Viking Billing Services, dated 10/18/2017, claiming that I had damaged the vehicle. The bill is for $836.45. I called Viking to find out the details. I assumed that Avis had claimed I had caused the front bumper damage. I still have the damage form showing the damage, so I figured the issue would be quickly resolved. Wrong. The Viking representative I spoke with sent me pictures of the damage, and a copy of the damage appraisal. They are claiming that I caused all of the the other scuffs AND caused an approximately 3" round ding on the passenger side front door. That ding wasn't there when I picked up the vehicle. I would have had it noted on the damage form. There was no mention of the front bumper damage.

One of the pictures shows the mileage at the time the vehicle was inspected. It is within a mile of the mileage when I dropped it off. The inspection was done about 24 hours after I dropped it off.

I called Viking back to advise them that I was going to dispute the charges. I asked her if there was any specific process I needed to follow. The representative I spoke with advised me that she was going to close the claim. She said that she would notify Avis that I was disputing the claim and that they would follow up with me directly, if needed. I was not expecting this to be the case. After reading through some of the threads on this web site, I was preparing to draft and send a certified letter to Viking and Avis, stating my position and asking for proof that I caused the damage. Then, I was going to begin sending e-mails up the executive chain, as recommended.

My question is this, does this seem like my claim is actually closed and dropped for good? I don't think so after reading all of the other posts about this issue. I was totally surprised when the Viking representative said she was closing the claim. I asked if I could get a confirmation that the claim was being closed. She said she would send me a letter in the mail stating as such.

Has anybody else had a similar experience?

Feb 9, 2016
Call her back and get her email address. Tell her you just want t have contact information in case something else comes up. then follow up the phone conversation with an email recap of what was said. thank her and let her know you await the letter.

Wait a week for the letter. if you don't get it within 7 days, email her and ask when you shod be receiving it.
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Oct 30, 2017
Thanks for your reply sas80. I've spoken with several people from Viking this morning, trying to sort this out. I got names each time, but didn't get all of their e-mail addresses. The first person I spoke with sent me all of the documents, so I have her e-mail address. I called back to talk to her, but got another person. I was told by the 2nd person that the case was being dropped. I called back later to speak with the her again, to confirm that I understood things correctly but got another representative. The 3rd person looked through the notes, then told me that the case was being dropped and that I could expect a letter within 7-10 days. I asked if Avis might challenge my dispute. She said that they wouldn't. She said that Avis hires Viking to determine the end result of these charges and that their decision is final. So, she said that the claim is closed. I'll just have to wait and see.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
No news is good news. Don't contact them anymore - if they aren't dropping it you will hear from them again. As long as you have the names of who you spoke to you should be ok.
Viking is the collection agency for Avis. if they drop it, it's dropped.

And in the future - take pictures when you pick up the car and drop it off. Then you have your proof.
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