AVIS Says I caused damage

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Jan 22, 2019
Hello, I am looking for some help.
I just received a letter stating that I owe $486.28 for windshield damages, it also states that I am only responsible for returning the vehicle to working condition.However, there was no damage that I was aware of, nor was there any mention of damages when I returned the vehicle. Even so, if it were a chip that I couldn't see, is $486.28 even a reasonable "repair". I was involved in an auto claim and had to switch rental vehicles in the middle of the claim (rented from the same avis). The second vehicle I received was dirty and happened to have the previous driver's inspection receipt, I kept it (like everything else during the claim). I am unsure of which receipt belongs to which reservation number at this point, however, on one receipt for the same vehicle the previous driver's receipt had all sorts of markups on it including one for a chip in the glass, my ticket was not marked up at all (I'll be honest I was in a hurry and thought they'd do the right thing! WRONG!). If this doesn't happen to be the right ticket for the vehicle in question, is this enough evidence to prove that their employees screwed (or very likely) this up And what are my courses of action, I have insurance (I also work in insurance) and I don't want this on my CLUE report, if I didn't do it. Any advice is solicited!
Below are the tickets... The email references 338518983;