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Mar 4, 2019
First off,I should never have accepted the companies final offer.I am 85 years old and I am not good at confrontation.I should have taken someone with me to help me through this.
I traded in a 2016 Chrysler with only about 600 miles on it because my wife has arthritis and it was so low she had difficulty getting in and out of it. I also gave them $6000 cash and financed another $6000.
I traded for a 2019 KIA sportage They said had a slight accident,so slight they didn't report it to carfax.After a few weeks I started noticing things that didn't seem right.So I emailed them several time questioning the car because I had never been shown the carfax.they never would reply,so the last time I told them I guess I'd have to get an attorney.I was then flooded with replies and asked to come down and see if we could get it resolved.I was then shown the carfax and photos of the (accident) and it was very extensive.they said I could keep the car or get a new one.I surely didn't want to keep the car.So I took the new one but then had to finance another $7000,so now I've lost my Chrysler,$6000 cash and in debt now for $11000.
I realize I made a mistake settling with them because no doubt lost any chance of a better deal. The first car had only 550 miles on it and I found out they had hit a deer.
it was a long way from a scratched fender.I should have asked why they returned it.Originally they said the family found out they were having twins and need a bigger vehicle.Another salesman told me they were adopting two more children.all I can say I hope this will help someone from making the same mistake.I should have known...there were lots of red flags.
Jan 6, 2015
You have several options in my opinion:
Before you do that, I recommend a STRONG conversation with this dealer. Assuming your accounting of the events is correct, they may have committed fraud (note: I am not an attorney):
  • According to you, they misrepresented the extent of the accident (slight vs. "hit a deer")
  • They further stated it was so slight that the owner "didn't report it to carfax"
  • Finally, they showed you the carfax after you suggested you might contact an attorney
You have now "lost my Chrysler,$6000 cash and in debt now for $11000". If I understand all this correctly, they should do better by you. Check this out further and see if you can obtain some additional consideration . . .
Mar 4, 2019
I guess I don't think anyone can help me now,most likely I ruined my chances by accepting their offer of the other car.I tried to get an attorney and got no replies from any of them in town.several did tell me they don't take cases like mine.
I just others to be a lot more cautious than I was.