ATC pushes back: Delays belong to the Airlines - Not ATC

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Dec 7, 2017
SoCal - EAST
The next time an airline tries to claim no compensation for delays - throw this back at them . . . Congestion - Journal of ATC Article - Winter 2017.pdf

Now- if the airlines decide to schedule their operations for bad day congestion and weather - you will pay more because there will be fewer seats.

But - as long as they have a get out of jail free card when the weather causes delays - there is no down side for them. You will pay the price. Either way!


Verified Member
Oct 2, 2014
Shocking... You mean a journal dedicated to ATC would absolve ATC of any wrong doing? I trust this as much as a A4A journal article absolving the airlines. I love the conclusion... we'll just let the airlines manage the US ATC system. Sorry but that would involve competitors working together to limit throughput. Last time I checked, that violates the letter and spirit of Sherman.

How about this... The FAA and ATC actually come up with an ATC system that isn't based on slightly updated 50s technology. They've been trying for years, NextGen, but can't get it right. Oh, and how about we end the blame game and fix the problem.