AT&T Problem

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Jun 12, 2017
I had been an AT&T customer for almost 15 years then broke away from them for a while because of poor service due to the fact of where I lived. I came back to AT&T almost three years ago due to the poor service service receiving the terrible customer service excetera I had to suspend a couple of my lines due to the fact that the devices were stolen I was not off to for the $10 a month plan I had to pay full service for almost a year. I was treated very poorly by the company especially when one of my devices was stolen by an acquaintance they said it was a setup deal refused to pay the insurance claim out not a happy customer on this and again they said I had to pay for monthly service so finally when I got tired of being extorted from and switch to another company now they are charging me another month of service for phones that I am unable to use on top of that they are charging me for the stolen device full price which I have been paying on for 22 months I have been unable to use this device but I have been paying full service and the premium for the phone. I have been treated very poorly by this company I am not asking for much I am asking only to be treated with a little bit of respect I should have been opted to suspend lines for $10 a month which I was not in turn I wound up paying for each line 70 to $80 a month which was in turn 210 to $240 a month I am not happy this is why I do not recommend AT&T to anyone period I am quite sure if an executive reads this nothing will be done but at least this way my story gets out I should have been offered the $10 a month plan for a short time of suspending two lines when I had five lines with this company. From my understanding I'm not the only person that had this issue I personally feel if it is not resolved I will start a class action lawsuit I'm certainly hoping that this thread will assist me in retrieving some of my money and getting my credit cleared as I've always have perfect credit but thanks to AT&T they have also taken that from me. Thank you for allowing me to post I will keep in touch thank you once again mr. Elliot.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I hate to say this but your letter is impossible to read.

Can you sum it up using paragraphs and facts only? We don't need the history of anything that happened before or the comments about poor service- facts only.

How many devices were stolen? Honestly anything more than one device is certainly suspect because that just isn't something that happens.

Try this so we can understand what happened

-on such and such a date I started service with A T and T.

- on xx/xx/xxxx my phone was stolen. I Immediately reported it to A T and T

Move on from there with only facts.