are Allegiant dropping LAX/HNL flights ?

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Oct 14, 2015
ask as they only seem to have flights loaded to 30 AUG 2016. Friend is trying to book cheap flight for January 2017. No response when emailed Allegiant.
Oct 14, 2015
this friend has cancelled part of her holiday with family to USA. She was gong to Colorado for 10 days now says can't afford it.
Her airfare to USA is non-refundable. Think she's flying into SFO & out of HNL back to OZ, so she just wants cheapest fare from anywhere in California, Vegas, Phoenix to Hawaii around 9Jan give or take a day or 3.

Think shes looked at all 3 SFO airports, LAX, SAN, LAS, PHX.

Any suggestions ?


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Dec 22, 2015
A couple of things for her to keep in mind:

1. January is high season for west coast-HNL so ticket fares will reflect that.
2. Allegiant could leave her high and dry if there is a cancellation; the low fare airlines have few airplanes to sub in and most flights are full for days on end before a seat becomes available which risks her flight onward.
3. Fares are not typically their lowest this far out from the travel date.

But Fly can chime in on all this further with his advice.
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Sep 1, 2015
SNA was Aloha's mainland hub back in the day with several daily flights to the 4 main islands. ATA flew SNA-HNL as well. UA halfheartedly replaced them with only 1 daily flight to HNL and 3x weekly to OGG. That eventually came to an end, which is too bad since SNA is my local airport.

Your friend should also check ONT and SMF. If she is looking for a low fare, check other cities too (RNO, FAT, get the idea.)

Allegiant Airlines' parent corporation is a "travel club" and most of their profit comes from selling hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages. They are notorious for dropping routes on short notice if ancillary revenue falls below target. For example, several years ago they announced flights to HNL from Monterey and Santa Maria. After selling tickets for a number of months, they decided not to start service 2-3 days before the first flights. It left thousands needing to find flights on other airlines at the most expensive last-minute fares. Around the same time the FAA grounded their 757's for several days leaving thousands stranded for several days.

It's all moot since Allegiant is completely pulling out of HNL. It was probably difficult for them to compete for hotel room inventory, and Hawaii flights are very fuel-inefficient and costly to operate.


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Nov 21, 2014
Did I say I love Alaska Airline and they take me everywhere I want to go! Their miles flew me to Europe a couple times in the last few months on their partner airlines in the front cabin. Did I say I also love the front of the plane?

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