Apparent Damage on a Hertz UK rental

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Nov 29, 2017
I too have been a victim of the 'damaged' tire SCAM pulled by the UK Hertz franchise at Heathrow. Despite my pleas (supported by evidence), I was billed an additional $373 for a replacement tire.
My 'incident' occurred when I returned an Auto Europe Car Rental to Heathrow on May 26th 2016. It was raining when I arrived to catch my flight back to the USA and the booking in agent checked the vehicle but made a special point of inspecting the drivers side front wheel. He claimed that there was damage to the front tire (both I and my wife could never see it) and that I had signed the pre-inspection form etc. Hertz also made the point that they thoroughly inspect every vehicle. I disputed this as when I got to my hotel on Day 1 of my rental I found a camera and a jacket in this 'inspected' car! I know exactly what the scam is.....if you live in countries that drive on the right side then by default you must be really blind to curbs etc on the drivers side!! Little did they realize that I am an expat that spent 30 years living in the UK and driving on their roads. I return twice a year usually for a month or two. What a scam and like others, it took Hertz four months to respond to my dispute. Stay away from Hertz and Auto Europe Car Rental. I threw away my Hertz Gold car and they will NEVER see me again. Such shortsightedness, scam a client out of $373 at the expense of dozens of rentals from me alone.

Carrie Livingston

Staff Member
Jan 6, 2015
St Louis
@Carl Gill I agree with Neil. Definitely use our contacts and write, waiting a week between each contact and try to get this resolved. We have a thread detailing how to fight the claim and then the company contacts located at the top of the page. Good luck.
Feb 9, 2016
so have you already paid?

what I read from your post is that hertz is amazing at inspecting vehicles - ok, great, this means that they have impeccable service records on the vehicle. that they have been so meticulously keeping rental car details will come in handy when you request to review them.

Specifically about the tire - how old was it? Had air pressure been checked and maintained properly? Had it been rotated properly? how many miles did it have on it? Had the vehicle been aligned on a regular schedule?

you really only owe the depreciated value of the tire. you didn't drive the car X miles. the life of the tire needs to be taken into consideration in this claim.

The fact that the car rental company was so meticulous in note taking on their vehicles will come in handy when you request the fleet logs in an effort to help the car rental company determine how and when this tire received the damage that caused it to deflate.

Do you follow me?