Amex Primary Car rental insurance

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Feb 14, 2019
Interesting. I have the same policy, and when I used it in September of 2018, they had just changed it to include Ireland for rentals starting after September 1st. Maybe they changed it back?
My last rental over there was 2016 and I actually filed a claim for a cracked windshield (rock from passing truck cracked it). If AmEx changed it in 2018 to INCLUDE Ireland, I am delighted. I didn't hear that. I go to Ireland often but haven't rented a car there since 2016 - mainly because I thought they had closed the "loophole" of covering rentals that begin and end in Northern Ireland. I had no idea they added Ireland (and clearly the Dublin airport people don't either)....the Northern Ireland rental counters all knew AmEx provided coverage and didn't try and upsell me at all. It might be time for another trip over if my car rental insurance will be provided by AmEx. THANKS!
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I did. But they would only accept an emailed copy of the terms and conditions from AmEx. I stood in the Dublin airport and called, but that did the trick. Of course, they then took a €5,000 hold on my card as a last attempt to get me to purchase their CDW. The agent even said, “How do you expect us to make any money at these advertised rates?” It was very clear that he was annoyed. But, hey, I don’t advertise the rates. And it was worth the hassle to save €40/day for two weeks. Others may want to just pay it.
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Mar 20, 2019
Yes, I always just bring a printed copy to show at the moment that I am picking up the car. That shuts down all the sales pitches and objections, but the one time it didn't, I just asked them to call Amex and ask. They refused so I offered to call. Suddenly they said it was fine.
Love that idea! Once had a long, frustrating discussion with a "local" Enterprise location trying to convince him he didn't need my home car insurance information because of the AMEX primary coverage. Next time I will suggest they call AMEX themselves or offer to call AMEX for the rental agent!
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